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Gate Repair

At InteleGates® we know Electric Gates. When working a job we have the knowledge and capabilities to service your Electric Gates on the spot. With advancing technology, we use state of the art tools like battery backup systems and mobile friendly Aps to manage your gate system which helps maintain the status of your Gates. Our quality control is unmatched and you will know that InteleGates® serviced your electronic gates by our job consistency & quality control.


From Orange County and throughout Los Angeles County you will know when your Automatic Gates are serviced by InteleGates®. We work with many types of gates & gate accessories: driveway gates, swing gates, sliding gates, automatic gates, electric gates, gate openers, automated gates, gate remotes, ground sensors, security gates & more!

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Gate Automation Installation

Gate Automation is our bread & butter. If you’re installing a new gate or if you already have an existing gate, make the proper decision in having InteleGates automate your gate. Don’t settle for your uncle’s friend that kind of knows how to fix & automate gates. Make the right decision off the get and have a seasoned gate technician install your automated gate system.

Industry Processes

For an electronic gate system to work at full capacity we need to ensure that the proper electronic gate operator is installed so that we can create a pathway for in and out access for commercial and residential properties alike. Take the time to have an authorized installer like InteleGates handle these maintenance & installation services for you so you can save yourself the headache later.

Professional Automation

At InteleGates® we ensure the machinery we install is not only high quality products we make sure your gate is equipped with all its needs; for example, having a firebox to comply with the laws giving emergency vehicle access to property.

At InteleGates® we perform underground looping so that sensors are installed under your driveway to ensure proper gate use. Before anything else consider having InteleGates® give you a proper automatic gate installation to avoid situations where you have faulty machinery and any other preventable issues.

Our products & services include Gate Opener Repairs, Electric Gate Repairs & Service, Electric Gate Operators Installation, Sliding Gate & Driveway Gate, Swing Gate & Overhead Gate Automation.

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At InteleGates we have a minimum charge which includes the trip cost (usually takes 30 minutes) plus to give full diagnosis to pinpoint the issue with your gate(s). Our experienced technicians will take all necessary tests to find out the cause of all issues and report the findings to you with suggested solutions.

If you’re in need of a diagnostic don’t chance it with sub-contractors or un-professionals, know who you’re hiring and have the confidence in our ability to do a proper diagnosis in order to ensure unnecessary costs due to inaccurate findings. If it is deemed that your gate operator needs a replacement, we will credit the diagnostic fee toward any new purchase and installment. Don’t chance it when in some cases we can save your operator/motor.

What we Diagnose & Fix:

This goes for all gate systems and gate accessories. We handle all electric gate system inquiries. For those in the LA and OC area having issues with troubleshooting we are one phone call away and most likely can come out to the property today.


At Intelegates we maintain your electronic gates at recommended intervals – commercial gates are recommended to have service done every 4 months and residential gates every 6 months.

Our gate technicians arrive at your location ready to inspect the health of the gate’s motor along with the other moving parts such as the torque of the mounting bolts, belts, sprocket and pulleys. We check the gears, chains and chassis along with the circuit board to ensure everything is working at full capacity. We also inspect all sensors to ensure everything checks & balances.

Although regular maintenance does not guarantee that your motor will not malfunction the manufacturer requires it in order to preserve your warranty – it is also essential to produce a long life for gate systems.

Some examples of the issues we encounter and solve daily:

  • Electronic Gate malfunctions
  • Broken Gates or damaged gates
  • Safety Device malfunctions (Infrared beam not working), underground sensors not detecting cars, gate closes to fast or slow.
  • Telephone Intercom System malfunction.
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