14 Reasons To Automate Your Gate

When you upgrade your manual gate to an automatic gate, the benefits this provides save you time and inconvenience.

In fact, in time, the automatic feature of an electric gate will feel essential. An automatic gate, first and foremost, allows you to open/close your gate faster and with less work, and can be surprisingly affordable to install.

Here are the best reasons to automate your gate.

Enhanced Perimeter Control

If you have a large amount of land or a business routinely dealing with sensitive assets, you want to monitor who’s on the property at any given time and guard access. With a manual gate, it may prove so much of an effort to move that you simply leave it open which is not ideal. An automated gate offers a lot of conveniences here, especially when integrating passcodes or card readers.

You Can Keep Your Existing Gate If You Like

Most manual gates can be outfitted with automated tech. This means, if you want, you can keep the gate you already have.

Any Property With A Gate Can Be Automated

You don’t need any extra space to automate a gate. Whether it’s a sliding gate on a property with limited space, a swing gate, or a commercial property gate, nearly all types of gates can be automated.

No Going Outside To Open/Close Your Gate

If your gate is not automatic, you have to physically go outside to open and close it. This is a massive inconvenience, especially when it’s raining or when the weather is extremely cold. An automatic gate essentially works at the press of a button or the use of an app. The gates open at your leisure and close automatically behind you.

Reasons To Automate Your Gate Open Gates From Inside

Operate Your Gate From Your Smartphone

As you connect your gate to your WiFi, you can download an app and control your gate from your smartphone. This means you don’t need to exit the vehicle, house, or even be at home to check the status of your electric gate and for access control.


Maximize Security Access Without Having To Be At Home

Provide contractors, employees, approved guests, or family and friends access to the property without having to be at home. Furthermore, you don’t need to assign someone the job of overseeing the gate. By your smartphone, you can carry on with your day and when someone requests property access, you control your gate remotely. You can even connect your automatic gate to your alarm system, alerting you when there is an unauthorized person trying to gain access to your property.

Add Unique Security Features To Your Automatic Gate

An automatic gate offers a gate owner a lot more options when it comes to security features compared to a manual gate. A two-way intercom. A video camera. Keypad entry. All these features and others can be combined with your gate, allowing you to get a visual and even talk with someone at your gate as if you were at home.

They Are Safer Than A Manual Gate

An automatic gate has more safety features. Infrared beams and motion sensors, as an example, can detect when there’s an obstacle or something in the way. If you have young children or pets on-site, an automatic gate’s safety components go a long way in protecting them or assets from getting in the way of a gate opening or closing.

An Automatic Gate Increases Your Property Value

A lot of luxury homebuyers or commercial property buyers highly value the security an automatic gate brings. A gate outfitted with automation can increase property value in the eyes of a buyer, helping secure you higher offers when you’re seeking to sell.

Reasons To Automate Your Gate Increase Property Value

It Is Easy To Maintain An Automatic Gate

You may think that with the addition of so many features and components that an automatic gate runs a higher chance of breakdowns. This isn’t true, however. In fact, the tech in automated gates rarely requires maintenance. Though it’s smart to schedule yearly automatic gate maintenance, don’t expect any more breakdowns than one might get with a manual gate.

Insurance Companies May Offer You A Discount On Your Policy

You are making it less likely that your property will be damaged by a criminal, car accident, or natural phenomenon when you set it up with an automatic gate. A lot of insurance companies will discount premiums when they know a home or business has installed automatic gates. Consider this an added benefit and a reward! This knowingly improves security on-site and, with such a discount, this helps to balance out the initial costs of upgrading to an automatic gate.

Improve The Aesthetic Of Your Property With A Gate

There are automatic gates made up of all sorts of materials, colors, and styles. Any home or business can improve its curb appeal with a stylized gate installed. A gate can really add a lot, particularly in a business setting or with a luxury home.

Communicate To Guests That You Care About Your Property

If you are installing an automatic gate on a luxury home or commercial building, it communicates to guests that you care about the property. It signifies not only security but luxury as well. A gate sets the tone for the interactions to come and very often makes an excellent first impression when you’re looking to impress someone important.

Choose The Best Automatic Gate Design For You

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You Can Upgrade To An Automatic Gate With The Team At InteleGates

An automated gate is not just for luxury homes, top-secret facilities, high-security commercial buildings, and rich mansions.

Anyone can have an automated gate. A suburban home. An inner city home. A rural property. A company set up in the middle of downtown. A warehouse used for storage or an industrial facility tasked with manufacturing. As it pertains to access control and entrance security, an automated gate is an ideal security solution for all of these environments

If you’re a homeowner or property owner wanting to better protect your property and any assets on-site, an automated gate will do the work for you.

Work smart, not harder. If you are looking for an electric gate company to automate your gate, contact InteleGates, Inc., today and we can help.

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