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3 Common Automated Gate Failures

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Automated gate failures can be an unfortunate part of ownership. This applies to both commercial and residential owners, with common mishaps like remote malfunctions, inner working issues, and the failure to protect occurring at least once a year – at least if gate maintenance isn’t regularly scheduled. While you might think repairs are out of your budget, InteleGates offers high-quality yet affordable repair and maintenance options.

Remote Failures

Remotes are a key part of gate ownership, allowing your family and/or employees to come and go with only a click needed for access. For example, keypads mean you’ll have a designated code, one that’s easily shareable. Similar to keypads, a telephone entry system offers monitored gate security from afar. At the top of the range, a telephone entry system lets you grant access to visitors and delivery drivers from your mobile phone or tablet. However, sometimes these devices fall out of sync or experience a hiccup or two.

To avoid remote failures, InteleGates can walk you through the process. Without delay, you will know how long it will take and how much. Once you have an estimate, you can make an informed decision. Gate repairs can benefit your residence, with our team equipped to service any remote gate control failures.

Automated Gate Failures: Inner Workings

The inner workings of an automated gate need regular checkups to avoid harmful effects, such as bugs that gum up the mechanical pieces. Common wear and tear might make all the difference when it comes to gate performance. Keep in mind, just because you can’t see the inner workings doesn’t mean that they are running smoothly. Despite being hidden away, wiring, gears, and springs are still vulnerable to the passage of time. We can address the inner fails that plague any type of automated gate.

Failure to Protect

When a gate fails, it ultimately fails to protect. A gate you can’t rely on is no real protection against anything. When someone steals your inventory or belongings, you have to worry about what was covered by insurance and what wasn’t. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to replace everything.

Ordering a gate inspection can help prevent future losses from occurring by keeping you informed about what works and what doesn’t. Upkeep is important. Our gate specialists will ensure you have proper commercial and residential protection against would-be thieves or vandals. Ignoring a broken-down gate is no different than waiting to fix the busted tail light on your car. You might cause an accident on the road, or get a ticket. Ultimately, you could have spent $100 for an easy fix, but now you have court fines and the original cost of repair. Let InteleGates keep your gate issues from escalating.

No More Automated Gate Fails

When it comes to gate failures, regular maintenance will ensure that your automated setup is working properly. When it’s too late and you need a repair job, InteleGates is here to serve Californians, both residential and commercial. Your properties will be safe and run smoothly. Contact us today for an estimate if you have an automated gate failure.

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