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3 Most-Requested Automated Gate Controls in Santa Monica

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Automated gates are a popular safe-keeping tool in Los Angeles. As a main provider for the Santa Monica area, InteleGates is privy to some more popular gate control choices. As with any industry, trends exist for a reason—certain automated gate controls ring true with LA residents because of different factors: convenience, reliability, and ease of control.

Mobile Phone Software for Automated Gates

Automated gate control on your mobile device is one popular luxury. Despite assumptions, this option is attainable by almost anyone. With mobile software, you can allow entry to visitors from anywhere. This eliminates the need to be on-site or rush from one place to the next.

InteleGates can install this capability for any automated gate setup. You’ll have immediate control to serve your business or homestead better. Think keypads and remote fob controls, but with more mobility and range. Mobile device controls let you grant access to visitors and delivery drivers from your phone or tablets. Needless to say, this is a popular option for convenience.

Remote Keypads for Automated Gates

As a classic option, remote keypad gate controls let you stick with the tried-and-true use of codes or passwords. With a designated code, your trusted employees and family members will have access whenever they need it. Remote keypads for automated gates are popular because they are a no-frills but proven method of security. Basic but classy, this gate accessory provides safety and ease for leaving or entering properties.

InteleGates can provide the most-requested gate tech without any long waits or installation hang-ups. Automated gates are classics themselves—remote keypads are a perfect fit for any entry or exit point in Santa Monica, CA. Best of all, remote keypads are one of the most affordable options. In fact, remote keypads can enhance any gate brand.

Our specialists will cover every aspect of installation with you and then get to work. We work fast while ensuring that quality is a key component of the finished product.

Movement Sensors for Automated Gate Controls

For something less hands-on, above- and below-ground sensors are great choices. For one thing, they maintain the aesthetics of your property without sticking out.

The best movement sensors offer a wide range of auto-detection. Basically, this helps to keep animals and children safe from premature closings. Above all, these controls provide reliable security for your home or business while staying out of sight.

Ease with Remote Gate Controls

No matter which type of automated gate controls you go with, maintenance or repair is available for any of these popular options. Noisy squeaks or slow openings are signs that your motorized gates need some care, and InteleGates is here to offer it. Ignoring tiny problems will lead to the inevitable: larger, costly problems. We serve brands such as Eagle, Miracle One, and Viking Access Systems. Our emergency automated gate repair services are priced at rates that fit your budget.

We are an authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, LiftMaster, and your one-stop-shop for trending automated gates. California’s local companies and citizens can rely on us to install any addition you need. InteleGates offers regular gate maintenance for any automated gate controls.

We are your solution for any major gate problem and the experts to call if you need a new automated gate installation. For emergency repair to your gate or operating system, don’t hesitate to visit our site for an estimate.

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