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3 Upgrades for Peak Automated Gate Control

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Automated gate control is an essential part of the electric gate experience. In Los Angeles, gate preferences vary by person. For residential homes, gate controls and accessories often depend on the person’s lifestyle. Basically, this means that a large family will find value in a bevy of choices, from key fobs to properly calibrated movement sensors that accommodate playtime, family gatherings, and a somewhat hectic schedule. Likewise, for individuals, carry convenience is popular, with mobile software and keycards taking up little space in a purse or wallet.

Preferences aside, remote gate controls, effective ground/underground sensors, and mobile software are all upgrades that make life easier. Also, don’t forget that automated gate control is just as useful for commercial properties. Ultimately, each upgrade lends itself to better security from theft, making your workspace a safe zone for the people and products who stay on-site. As a local company, we feature peak upgrades for your home or office.

Remote Gate Controls

For anyone who prefers to operate from a distance, InteleGates can upgrade your gates to include remote controls. These devices can be easily shared with your trusted employees and family members. With dynamic reach and response, most gate upgrades can be combined with other options like keypads and entry cards. For example, a telephone entry system lets you grant access to visitors and delivery drivers from your tablet device.

With our local-to-LA services, you can take advantage of the best remote gate controls on the market. For example, standard remote-control options like key fobs and clickers allow you to open automated gates with all the ease of a garage door. Basically, a fob system works just like a remote control, but with more portability. InteleGates can go over all the options with you to ensure your upgrade fits your style and usage habits.

Movement Sensors (Above and Below)

InteleGates believes in making things easy. Our specialists can install movement sensors on your property, most of them hidden from view. With this upgrade, you won’t need to worry about gates shutting on top of vehicles, people, or pets. Sensors have an effective range whether they are located above or below.

Mobile Phone Software

Over time, experts have integrated automated gate controls into mobile phones. Likewise, since the majority of LA’s population has a smartphone, it stands to reason that gate software takes advantage of such convenience. Thankfully, with the press of a button, you or your visitors will be allowed inside. In turn, you’ll know who arrives and be able to open the gates from inside the premises.

In Los Angeles, InteleGates is an authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, and LiftMaster. We offer ease-of-access installations and automated gate repairs for local CA residents and commercial properties. Our specialists can install mobile phone software on your device, which is the perfect upgrade for any modern gate owner.

Automated Gate Control at Its Peak

With InteleGates providing you with the best possible upgrades, high traffic, aggressive weather, and unwanted visitors won’t hit you as hard (or at all). An automated gate company can help you keep security breaches at a minimum, which is important for commercial owners and residents alike. After all, as a provider of gate entry ease for properties in the Los Angeles area, we can decrease the chances of liability involving tenants or any other frequent users.

Thanks to our years of experience, our team can diagnose and repair any major or minor gate problems, no matter how substantial the damages are. Ultimately, InteleGates is ready to help, so reach out for a local service upgrade.

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