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4 Easy-to-Use Remote Gate Controls

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Remote gate controls can add a bit of ease to your daily routine. In LA, overhead or barrier arm gates are just two of the automated types you’ll see. If you’ve never had an automated gate for home and property security, then you might be curious how easily these structures open up. For the people who already have automated gates, there might be an easier way to operate your entry points.

Standard remote control options like key fobs and clickers allow you to open automated gates with all the ease of a garage door. A fob system works just like any remote control, but with more portability. After all, most people keep their clickers on keychains. However, this is just one example. Ultimately, there are a number of options when convenient remote gate controls are being considered.

Remote Keypad Gate Controls

For anyone who prefers simple remote gate controls, keypads can be installed onto most automated gate brands. With this option, you have a designated code, one that’s easily shareable with your trusted employees and family members. Basically, keypads are no-frills, reliable ways to get inside or outside of the premises.

InteleGates believes in making things easy. Our automated gate company assists the citizens of Laguna, CA are luxuries that everyone can afford. Our installation specialists can go over the options with you and then get to work. We work fast while ensuring that quality is a key component. As a result, you’ll be able to take advantage of the best keypads on the market.

Entry & Exit Sensors

Remote gate controls are not regulated to physical mobile devices. A regular standard for automated gates, sensors allow entry without much wait. To maintain aesthetics, sensors can be installed below or above the ground. They’re easy because they’re reliable. Honestly, there isn’t any reason why your gates should go without sensors.

For practical reasons alone, motion sensors are needed to prevent gates from closing or opening when people, animals, or cars are in the way. After all, unexpected gate movement can cause property damage or bodily injury. Ultimately, underground driveway sensors are an easy-to-use remote gate control because you don’t have to do anything other than trigger them.

InteleGates can install gate sensors on your residential or commercial properties. We also offer maintenance for any remote gate controls that have worn down over the years. Essentially, whether your gate system is new or old, we can lend an affordable hand.

Telephone Entry Systems

Similar to keypads and fobs but with more mobility, telephone entry systems put the remote in remote gate controls. At the top end of the range, these can be combined with other options like keypads and entry cards. A telephone entry system lets you grant access to visitors and delivery drivers from your mobile phone or tablet.

We care about our customers and expect them to hold us to high standards. California’s local companies and citizens can rely on us to install any addition you need. InteleGates is a provider of gate entry ease for commercial and residential properties in the Los Angeles area. Don’t hesitate to ask us about the benefits of mobile entry software.

Gate Buzzers

Gate buzzers are popular among business owners in Orange County. With a gate buzzer, your visitors only have to press a button. You’ll immediately know that they’ve arrived, and if they have permission to enter, you can open the gate from inside the premises.

Short and sweet: gate buzzers are a fashionable, easy application of remote gate controls.

Ease On with Remote Gate Controls

Consider hiring the authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, and LiftMaster. InteleGates is your one-stop shop for ease-of-access installations and automated gate repairs. In the event of remote gate control errors, we provide repair solutions. For anyone interested, we offer estimates on every job.

To head off any gate issues, we use regular gate maintenance. This way you’ll know how your automated gates are holding up over time. Simply put, if you need diagnostics and repair for a major gate problem, we’re on the job. If you need a new installation, we’re on the job. No matter what the need is, InteleGates is ready to help.

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