Gate Access Control Systems in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Automatic gates depend on some kind of access control system to open and close the barrier when needed. Keeping this system in good working condition is essential for ensuring that the gate can operate safely and perform its intended security functions. When you would like a new access system installed or need repairs on an existing system, contact InteleGates® for trained technicians who will get the job done right.

woman driving car, using access controls to open gate

Types of Gate Access Systems

There are many different gate access systems that are currently used in commercial and residential sites. The right system for a particular location depends on the specific type of gate in question and the type of entry system appropriate for the needs of its users. Common gate access systems include the following:

  • Digital keypads – These allow the user to input a numerical entry code into a 10-digit keypad.
  • Remote control – This is a portable wireless device retained by the user that enables them to open a nearby gate, usually by pressing a button on the control.
  • Card readers – These are activated by placing an electronic card on or near a sensor installed around the gate. 
  • Telephone entry systems – Otherwise known as intercom systems, these mounted speakers allow the user to call an on-site individual who is authorized to open the gates.
  • Free exit/free entry system – These automatically detect the approach of a vehicle and open the gate without requiring any other action on the part of the driver. They are often configured for specific times when standard security procedures are unneeded. 

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Installing a gate access system and maintaining it properly can go a long way toward keeping out unwanted visitors and enhancing site security. Call InteleGates® at (833) 468-4283 for access control installation and maintenance service.