Gate Fob System Installation in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

person opening electric gate with key fob

Fob systems are increasingly common in a wide range of commercial and residential settings. Gate key fobs are tiny wireless devices, each with a unique ID number, that can be easily fitted on a standard keychain. To gain access to a room or building, the user simply places the fob on or near an access device reader installed next to the entryway. Because every fob is linked to a specific person, these systems are often used to track who accesses a particular area. Furthermore, the ID number of a fob that is lost or stolen can simply be deleted from the system to prevent unauthorized access.

Gate fob systems can be powerfully effective, but you need to ensure that yours is installed and maintained properly. The professionals at InteleGates® are available to help, and you can get started by contacting us at (833) 468-4283. We serve commercial and residential clients in Los Angeles County and Orange County.