Telephone Entry Systems in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Telephone gate entry systems, sometimes called telephone intercom systems, are simple yet highly effective access control tools. Although most commonly associated with apartment buildings and high-rises, they can be found in many kinds of residential and commercial sites, including gated communities, parking garages, industrial facilities, residence halls, hotels and motels, recreational facilities, and many other locations. 

An electric gate telephone system can make your site more secure by giving you an easy method of controlling visitor access to the premises. For expert telephone entry system installation and maintenance services in Los Angeles and Orange counties, contact InteleGates® to make an appointment with an experienced technician.

How Do Telephone Entry Systems Work?

telephone entry system outside home

The most basic types of telephone gate entry systems center on a mounted two-way speaker with a keypad, which is linked to a phone line or Wi-Fi. This device is permanently installed just outside a door or gate. To gain access through the door or gate, the visitor can input a code into the keypad or place a call to speak directly to an individual inside the premises whose phone is connected to the system.

Some electric gate telephone systems come with additional features, such as card readers and integration with live feed cameras. InteleGates® has experience with a wide range of commercial and residential telephone entry systems, including Viking, DoorKing, and other top brands in gate opener technology. Reach out to us if you’d like to install a Viking or DoorKing telephone entry system at your site.

Contact Us for Telephone Entry System Installation and Maintenance

If you need to set up a telephone gate entry system at your location, or need maintenance on an existing system, please don’t hesitate to reach out to InteleGates®. We serve commercial and residential clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties. Call us at (833) 468-4283.