Advantages Of Electric Slide Gates

An electric slide gate is a type of gate that operates with the help of an electric motor. This motor powers the sliding mechanism of the gate, allowing it to smoothly open and close horizontally.

Electric slide gates are popular for their convenience and ease of use, as they can be operated remotely through various means such as keypads, remote controls, or smartphone apps. They are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, providing enhanced security and privacy while offering a seamless entry and exit solution.

With their reliable performance and sleek design, electric slide gates have become a preferred choice for those seeking a modern, automated gate system.

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The Advantages Of Having An Electric Slide Gate

Although there are many advantages to having an electric slide gate for your driveway, keep in mind they still require regular electric gate maintenance and sometimes electric gate repair. However, this is the case for almost anything operated by a motor and moving parts.

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Let’s take a look at some of the advantages to having an electric slide gate for your property.

Control Your Slide Gate Remotely

A slide gate that is automated and electric can be controlled remotely. There is no getting in and out of your vehicle to open and close the gate.

Depending on the features built into your electric sliding gate, you may also be able to program it to open/close at certain times, use video relay to preview who is at your gate, and control entry/exit remotely from your smartphone.

They Don’t Require A Lot Of Space

If you’re short on space and don’t have the type of driveway that can accommodate a swing gate, a slide gate operates on a track. It does not swing open. It slides open and shut in a single line. As long as your property has the space length-wise, it poses no trouble using an electric slide gate.

Electric slide gates can be used on any average residential driveway, with the tracks bolted on or set in to the ground.

They Are Extremely Secure

Electric slide gates are highly secure. They are an effective intruder deterrent instantly communicating that your property takes security seriously. Furthermore, if there is an impact or an attempt to break through a slide gate, the way that it’s built, it is heavy, reinforced, and offers full protection to your property.

They are resistant to tampering and will continue to act as a solid barrier to any unauthorized party looking to gain entry.

Benefits Of Electric Slide Gates

They Have Object Detection

With any kind of gate, people perceive a risk of getting caught in the gate as it’s moving. A pet, a young child, a wild animal.

Fortunately, electric slide gates have object detection technology ensuring that when even a small object is detected along the track, the system automatically stops. This prevents injury and property damage, and allows you to address and clear what’s in the way before continuing with the open/close.

Add Features To Your Electric Slide Gate

When you upgrade to an electric slide gate and automate it, there are so many features you can then add.

Customize your slide gate to the sort of function you want to receive from it. An electric slide gate can be paired with video camera surveillance, an alarm or warning system, smartphone syncing, different types of security sensors, and more. There are a wide range of access control features you can include in your electric driveway gate.

They Work On A Driveway With An Incline

A driveway with an incline can only really have an electric slide gate. A swing gate won’t work as the gate could scrape the ground.

There are few driveways or situations where an electric slide gate would not work.

Add More Privacy To Your Property

If you have assets you don’t want people to see, are concerned about individuals seeing into your property, or simply enjoy maximizing your privacy, a suitable electric slide gate creates distance between public and private spaces.

Especially in an area where your home or place of business may be closer to the street than you prefer, an automatic gate adds a sense of control to the surroundings.

They Are Easy To Maintain

While electric slide gates do require some maintenance, it’s minimal. A gate owner simply has to ensure the gate track is kept clean and cleared. During autumn, the leaves fall and those can blow over the track. In winter, the snow can clog the grate.

Besides the occasional track cleaning, however, there is nothing else a gate owner has to manage on a regular basis.

Benefits Of Modern Electric Slide Gates

They Are Highly Durable

An automatic sliding gate can last years with ease, even with the usual wear-and-tear and weathering that might be encountered.

It’s integral with an electric gate to schedule a yearly maintenance check by a skilled technician who can identify and remedy any issues as they start to bubble up. No one wants to encounter a breakdown when they least expect it or least need it.

An annual maintenance checkup does a lot of good and will keep an electric slide gate functioning optimally.

Reduce The Effort You Have To Put In

An electric slide gate can let in the people you want to let in and keep out the unknowns. It can do this, to a degree, automatically if you provide fobs or use pass-codes.

Any automatic gate, be it a slide gate or swing gate, creates less work for the owner. They don’t need to open and close the gate, check the gate to approve or deny access with fobs or pass-codes in the mix, and eliminate the need to have to arrange for someone to control the gate when you’re not home. A property owner can be as hands-on or as hands-off as they like.

They Match Your Property’s Aesthetic

Electric slide gates can be made to resemble something bold, big, and extravagant, just like swing gates. They can also be made to feel more subdued and not distract from the natural beauty your property maintains.

The aesthetic is ultimately up to you to decide. Electric slide gates, however, come in all sorts of looks.

Make A Positive Impression On Guests

Not just any property has electric slide gates. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial property, slide gates are a very impressive feature.

Customers are more likely to frequent a business that looks well-kept, professional, and like they care. A business partner is more likely to do business with you. Friends and family coming over to the house, and being let in with an electric slide gate can add a sense of luxury, warmth, and welcome.

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Reading through these advantages, it’s obvious that electric slide gates are convenient and increase security. They also add a touch of luxury that makes it all worth the investment. The extra safety and security they provide are sure to positively impact your home or place of business. Then, when you equip them with custom features and start making those decisions, you take your upgrade to the next level.

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