Advantages Of Electric Swing Gates

Electric swing gates make for a key security feature and a prominent way to control an access point. They ensure the safety of you, your property, the assets contained on said property, and any other authorized party entering or leaving.

Strong, robust, and reliable, the truth is that properly installed automated swing gates control access in a way that few other security measures can. They carry many advantages and they provide an excellent foundation to meet the security needs of your property.

Here is everything you need to know about high-security electric swing gates for residential and commercial properties alike.

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Reasons To Have An Electric Swing Gate

Here is everything you need to know about high-security electric swing gates for residential and commercial properties alike. Our gate automation services can have you up and running with an electric swing gate in no time.

Add Privacy To Your Property Using A Swing Gate

If these are your first electric gates, rest assured that they will add sufficient privacy to your home or place of business. Avoid glares from prying neighbors or peeping toms. Set up a physical barrier to guard against privacy invasions of any kind.

They Are A Deterrent To Intruders Scouting Out Properties

Any intruder or thief is looking at an easy in-and-out. An electric swing gate communicates that a home or business prioritizes its security. It’s a natural deterrent for intruders as the sight of it implies that there will be more effort required to get past any and all security measures that may exist on the property.

Press A Button To Gain Access To Your Property

If you have a manual gate, you have to pull over, open it, pull in, get out again, and close it. An electric swing gate can be operated with the press of a button. This lets you pull in and allows your car to pass through without hesitation, while still securing your home.

Open Electric Swing Gates With Ease Advantages Of Electric Swing Gates

Electric Swing Gates Use No Floor Tracks

A sliding gate requires floor tracks to pull and push, and move the gate element along. A swing gate operates on a hinge. There is no track to be blocked by debris and no track to cause issues with. A swing gate operates very freely and with less likelihood of an operational obstruction. This also reduces the need for excessive electric gate maintenance or electric gate repair services.

Electric Swing Gates Are Safer Than Sliding Gates

Arguably, electric swing gates are the safest type of gate for a driveway. There is less opportunity for hands or fingers to be caught as they open which is why they are, by far, the preferred style of automatic gate for hospitals, childcare facilities, private schools, parks, and similar facilities where there are children present.


Improve Your Property’s Curb Appeal And Perception

A high-quality electric swing gate attracts positive attention and lets others know that you value your property. It improves curb appeal, particularly among businesses. To that extent, it can instill a little more pride in employees.

If you’re using electric swing gates at your home, they’re sure to make a very luxurious and welcoming impression on family, friends, and guests as they arrive.

They Are Less Expensive Than Other Gate Types

Swing gates are more budget-friendly than other styles of automatic gates because there is less to them and they are easier to install. While you still want to have a skilled technician there to install and calibrate your electric swing gate, it’s a far more straightforward install which means a more affordable cost than alternatives.

Electric Swing Gates Can Be Included In Your Existing Security

If you already have security set up on your property, electric swing gates can be seamlessly integrated into the system you have. It does not require special accommodations and does not need its own separate system to function.

Benefits Of Electric Swing Gates Added Security

They Can Be Operated Manually In An Emergency

If there is an electric failure and your electric swing gates do not want to budge, you can still operate the gates manually to either let someone in or be let out. This is a backup feature in case your gate needs servicing but you still require your gate to function.

Electric Swing Gates Have Fewer Moving Parts

An electric swing gate typically has fewer moving parts than a sliding gate. This means they are less likely to require maintenance work and/or to experience breakdowns. Swing gates also have a habit of operating more smoothly and being all-around easier to work with.

They Create Less Noise When They Are Operating

Fewer moving parts also means less noise. If you are near other residential homes or commercial businesses and/or if noise is a personal concern, going with an electric swing gate has advantages over a sliding gate or another type of automatic gate.

Advantages Of Electric Swing Gates No Wheel Tracks

There Are Multiple Electric Swing Gates To Choose From

The right electric swing gate system for your property must fulfill your unique security needs and personal preferences. Different gate systems exist, each made from different materials, available in different styles and colors, and each with its own features to consider.

Select the automatic gates that best suit your property, instead of trying to make work an access control system that is not a natural fit.

Add Features For Enhanced Security And Perimeter Control

If your property handles sensitive materials or you desire high-level security, you can receive it with electric swing gates.

Install additional security features, such as a pass-code or card reader system. This will give you more precise ways to monitor who has entered or exited. If you already have an alarm system, integrate your automatic swing gate with it. If you don’t have an alarm system set up, you can have one installed with relative ease on a swing gate.

Take advantage of features, such as video relays, intercom systems, fobs, and more. An electric swing gate goes so far beyond a simple locking mechanism.

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