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An Automated Gate Installation for Your Commercial Location

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An automated gate installation makes a giant difference for commercial locations in Los Angeles. For any entrepreneur or veteran business owner, you want all the advantages you can get. Thankfully, InteleGates can provide your commercial property with mobile controls, reliable automation, and increased security.

Mobile Controls

Automated gate installations come equipped with your choice of mobile controls. While there are plenty to choose from in a vast market, certain controls benefit commercial owners in specific ways. For example, key fobs and clickers allow you to open gates and store the remote on keychains or in handbags.

Gate buzzers can be just as mobile, with easy “push one button” designs that complement anyone who needs to move fast. With a gate buzzer, you can open the gate from inside the premises without having to leave your current position. Best of all, any mobile controls can be combined with other automation options, like keypads and entry cards.

With InteleGates, you can grant access to visitors and delivery drivers from designated mobile phones or tablets. An automated gate installation works for every brand. Your trusted employees and family members will have mobile access that keeps your business running smoothly.

Reliable Automation

Consider hiring the authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, and LiftMaster when you need an installation or automated gate repairs. We offer estimates on every job, so you’ll know exactly where you stand with us.

It’s important to note that automated gates can malfunction for several reasons, but also that there’s a solution to each problem. For example, insects can jam up the inner mechanical workings of a gate. Strong winds can knock mechanics loose and cause slow-moving gates. And you also have common wear and tear. These things happen, especially if you deal with commercial drivers and deliveries—like any other modern tech, you need a care plan to maintain quality.

Despite these issues, automated gates remain reliable because a specialist can readjust or reassemble automation for your commercial properties. With InteleGates, none of these headaches last long. If you schedule regular maintenance, then our gate specialists can fix issues before they develop into bigger problems. You can rely on gate automation to keep giving your business support.

Gate Security Strengths

The practical reason for an automated gate installation remains the same: for security. If you run a commercial location in LA, you need to be sure your wares and employees are protected from intruders and/or vandalism. Gate security is stronger with automation because you have better control of who comes and goes from your property. Your gate accessories can link with your on-site security cameras to create a strong front. Not only does this protect your belongings, but it also makes your clientele feel like they’re in a professional safe space.

Automated Gate Installation for Commercial Venues

Your commercial location can be equipped for success. Our installation specialists can go over the options with you. We can answer any questions you might have about install times and advantages. At InteleGates, we work fast while ensuring that quality is a key component. We want you to have the best technology on the market, so give InteleGates a call now.

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