Are Automatic Gate Openers Energy Efficient?

A quick comparison of automatic gate openers or electric gate openers and manual gate openers will reveal that gates that are automatic consume far less energy. An automatic gate is much more efficient and requires very little electricity to operate. While exact usage varies in accordance with frequency of use, the average homeowner’s automatic gate opener generates less than $2 in electricity costs monthly.

Convenient and secure, it’s no wonder that buyers are flocking to automatic gate openers over dated manual models. As we see more electric gates and automatic gates adopted by residential and commercial properties, the question of how they operate and how energy-efficient automatic gates are is a frequent conversation.

What Is An Automatic Gate Opener?

An automatic gate opener is a device installed on a gate to open and close the gate without human intervention. This type of gate opener has a motor that powers either a chain or belt that moves the gate. An automatic gate opener is controlled by a remote or keypad traditionally though more modern models are capable of being controlled by a smartphone app, vastly increasing the amount of security it provides.

Why Should I Buy An Automatic Gate Opener?

There are many reasons to add an automatic gate opener to your gate automation. While manual gates require someone opening and closing the gates, an automatic opener allows you to control access to your property from anywhere if it’s linked with a smartphone app. If it’s tagged with an intercom or video camera, it provides the homeowner a chance to see who is requesting access and to grant or deny.

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How Are Automatic Gate Openers Energy-Efficient?

An automatic gate opener does not need very much energy to operate. It’s a small motor. That’s it. The electricity it receives can be from a wired source or, in some cases, can be solar-powered.

Many gate owners have an interest in converting their automatic gate into a solar-powered design, however, this is dependent on how much sunlight you receive in your region as well as the gate opener’s limitations, if any.

Automatic Gate Openers Require Little Power

Regardless of whether your automatic gate opener is solar-powered or not, it is not an appliance or a piece of technology that requires any significant amount of power.

Most automatic gate openers are very well-equipped to do the work and are the most energy-efficient gate opener there is.

Types Of Automatic Gate Openers Affect Their Energy-Efficiency By Very Little

There are a few types of automatic gate openers, each more appropriate for a specific type of gate than the next.

Articulated Arm Gate Openers

This style of gate opener operates on an arm and is used for gates that are in narrow spaces or, more commonly, on uneven surfaces.

Sliding Gate Opener

A sliding gate opener is used on gates that slide to the left or right to open/close.

Underground Gate Openers

Underground gate openers are designed to be installed underground and concealed out of sight. For large properties where aesthetics are more of a priority, you may wish to have an underground automatic gate opener.

Ram Gate Openers

Lastly, there are ram gate openers which are the most heavy-duty type and are designed for large commercial sites.

While each of these gate openers operates differently and utilizes different mechanisms, in terms of energy-efficiency, automatic gate openers do not vary that much. They are all built with the latest technologies and designed to use as less energy as possible to get their job done.

Automatic Gate Openers And Energy Efficiency

How Much Does An Automatic Gate Opener Cost?

The cost of an automatic gate opener for a house can range from $500 to $3,000 while commercial gate openers range from $3,000 to $10,000 and above. The precise cost of a gate opener varies according to the brand, type, installer, and features included.

Automatic Gate Opener Warranties

Many automatic gate openers come with warranties although this depends on the manufacturer. A home automatic gate opener usually has a warranty of 1-3 years while a commercial gate opener may have extended warranties of 5-10 years at most.

The great thing about automatic gate openers is that they don’t require a lot of maintenance, if any. It’s a one-time cost and that’s it. To ensure the gate operates smoothly, however, removing debris, occasionally lubricating moving parts, and scheduling professional electric gate maintenance at least once a year are all important steps. By taking these steps you will significantly reduce the risk of electric gate repair as well.

How Reliable Are Automatic Gate Openers?

In terms of energy-efficiency, automatic gate openers are never going to diminish in their effectiveness.

From an operational standpoint, automatic gate openers are also very reliable. The biggest perceived threat is inclement weather, however, weatherproof features make it possible for automatic gate openers to continue operating even at times of extreme rain, snow, and low or high temperatures.

If there is a power outage, a gate opener can be outfitted with a backup battery that ensures you can still open/close your gate when there is no electricity.

Hire A Professional To Install An Automatic Gate Opener For Maximum Safety

To ensure the automatic gate opener is operating as it should and is energy-efficient, correct installation is required.

Incorrect installation can mean the gate not working as intended, security being compromised, and potential injuries.

Fortunately, you do not need a new gate or have to make modifications to your existing gate. Many automatic gate openers can install onto an existing gate with no issue, which you can confirm with a professional.

Always hire an experienced automatic gate opener technician to put in yours. They will ensure your gate opener is up to standard and properly put in. If your gate has safety features, such as sensors to detect movement and to stop the gate from closing when an obstacle is detected, these all have to be properly installed alongside your automatic gate opener.

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Add Value To Your Property With An Energy-Efficient Gate Opener

Invest in an automatic gate opener for energy efficiency, maximum convenience, and optimal security features.

At InteleGates, we offer access to several types of gate openers and can outline for you the pros and cons of each. A skilled technician can provide you with a quote according to your gate type, highlighting the costs, maintenance, safety, warranty period, and energy requirements of each. An automatic gate opener installed by InteleGates is sure to provide your property with the security and functionality you expect to receive from such a high-value gate addition.

In conclusion, automatic gate openers not only offer convenience but also more energy efficiency when compared to other alternatives. If you’re looking for an estimate or assistance choosing the right gate opener for your property, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Our expert team is always available and happy to help. Installation is quick and simple; soon you’ll be enjoying the comfort of operating your gate from afar! Give us a call today and let’s get started on making your life simpler.

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