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Automated Gates for Apartment Buildings

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If you own an apartment building, it is your responsibility to provide a secure and convenient way for your residents to enter their homes. Automated gates are a fantastic way to give the convenience and security your residents need. However, there are many different styles of automated gates on the market today. Indeed, with systems involving key cards, keypads, call systems, and key fobs, it is easy to get overwhelmed. In this article, we will go over why your apartment complex needs automated gate services. We will also discuss the different kinds of automated gates for apartment buildings you can choose from.

Automated Gates for Apartment Buildings Provide Security

The biggest reason your apartment complex needs automated gates is the security they provide. In an apartment complex, you have hundreds of residents and their guests coming in and out. You need to control the entry points to prevent unwanted people from gaining access to your building. Automated gates controlled by a call system and/or key fob are the best methods to ensure security. The call system will allow your residents to talk directly with the person trying to enter the building. Also, the key fob will allow your residents to quickly and conveniently let themselves in without having to deal with the call system.

Make Your Automated Gate Convenient for Your Residents

While security is great, it can also make daily life for residents inconvenient. It is crucial for you as a property owner to find the right balance between safety and convenience. The best automated gate systems that balance this line well are the keypad, key card, and call system. The keypad system is excellent if you are always losing your key card or key fob. Indeed, all you need to remember is a numeric password to gain entry into the property. Also, your residents can share their code with friends and family so they can also gain access to the property.

Key cards are by far the simplest way to control access to your apartment complex. Most of your residents will have a wallet or purse. A majority of key cards are made in such a way where they can easily slip it in and out of a credit card sleeve.

An automated gate system controlled by a call system is the most flexible system for your residents. Indeed, the call system puts all the control in the hands of the people living in your apartment complex. When someone tries to gain access to your property, they will have to call one of your residents who then can choose if they should be allowed in.

Protecting Your Residents’ Vehicles

It is common, especially in a city like Los Angeles, for apartments to have a separate parking garage for residents’ cars. These separate parking structures need their own automated gate to ensure the safety of your residents. A key fob system is the best way to automate the gate. Your residents will simply have to press a button on a key ring to gain access to your parking garage.

Choosing the Right Maintenance Company for Your Automated Gates for Apartment Buildings

No matter what system you decide to get for your apartment complex, you need the right maintenance company to take care of it. Here at InteleGates, we take pride in offering industry-leading automated gate maintenance to the Los Angeles area. Come to our website today and learn how automated gates for apartment buildings will help provide security and convenience to your residents.

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