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Automated Gates & Home Automation

Home automatic gate systems are a key element of residential security. A major feature of gate access control systems is their compatibility with home automation components and existing smart home infrastructure.

As you seek to make a decision on what home automation system to buy or what electric gate system to install, here is what you need to know about compatibility with home automation systems, and its limits and functionality.

Why Buy A Home Automatic Gate System

An electric gate system for a home maximizes privacy and protection. You safeguard your residence by bolstering security and tag it with an access control system of your choosing. Deter criminals. Restrict and manage entry. Do so remotely through your smartphone. Receive real-time video and tap into two-way communication. Deny access to unauthorized individuals.

The benefits of a home automatic gate system are real and reliable, for every property.

Do You Need A Home Automation System For Your Electric Gate?

There are lots of access control systems that do not inherently require a home automation system. A straightforward, low-cost keypad allows you to program passcodes to enter. Card readers and FOBs can be provided to people entering onto your property. Biometric scanners are a high-tech option albeit costly. A popular solution offered by many gate manufacturers is remote controls, such as a physical remote or a smartphone app that allows the user to grant access from a distance.

In essence, is compatibility with home automation systems absolutely necessary to operate the gate? No. However, it will make it easier.

Integrated Automation System For Electric Gates

Why An Integrated Automation System Is Best

You may already have security surveillance cameras set up, smart home accessories, or other home automation features enabled in your home. It would be significantly easier to operate an automated gate system if it could be easily integrated into what you already own. If there is no compatibility there, the ease of use diminishes.

Imagine if your automated gate worked in tandem with surveillance cameras, security sensors, and other technology in your home.

A user can customize an interconnected ecosystem of security, with enhanced monitoring and automated responses to different security scenarios. A user could program responses, such as if your electric gate activates and there’s a visitor out front, the surveillance cameras start automatically recording while a text notification is sent to your smartphone advising you of a visitor, delivery, or expected guest. This sort of automated response is possible and all you have to do is install it!

Manage All Your Smart Home Automation From A Single App

The most major advantage to compatibility with home automation systems is that it allows you to manage access control from a single centralized app along with other unrelated smart home technology on your property.

Advantages Of Smart Home Integration For Automated Gates

There are many other advantages to integrating your automated gate with smart home technology.

  • Receive activity alerts or notifications
  • Remote operation of your gate when you are not home
  • If your gate is equipped with video, remotely see who is trying to access your property
  • If you gate is equipped with audio, remotely speak to whoever is trying to access your property
  • Remotely program your gate to stay open or closed during certain hours
  • Control and monitor access to your property from anywhere in the world

Lastly, an automated gate that a user is connected to by their smartphone often allows them to check the gate status. See if there is a breach, communication issue, or other data that could hint at an issue or malfunction.

Is Your Automated Gate Smart Home Compatible

How Do You Know If Your Gate System Is Smart Home Compatible?

If you have an electric gate with no automation, chances are that it does not have the technology to be integrated into a smart home dashboard.

That said, what you can do is contact an automated gate repair technician to upgrade your electric gate to automated. In turn, this will provide you with what you need to successfully incorporate your gate into a home automation system.

To find out if your automated gate is compatible with your smart home device, look up the brand. Many gate access control systems have it written in their description if they are compatible with smart home hubs and which ones are acceptable.

Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and SmartThings are all common brands that come up in the conversation.

For certainty about what’s compatible, you can also talk with an automated gate repair expert at InteleGates. They can provide guidance on what to buy, what’s needed, and the cost of upgrading your gate for compatibility home automation system.

Upgrade Your Gate System With InteleGates To Get The Most From Your Gate

There is no reason to deny yourself the benefits and advantages of a gate because of the mere fact that you aren’t yet equipped with smart home automation or an automated gate system. Upgrade your electric gate today by scheduling a service call from the best gate technicians in the city at InteleGates. We work with all major brands and can provide input on what you need to receive the full features you want.

Reach out to InteleGates today to schedule a visit to have your electric gate examined and be provided the components for an upgrade to smart home automation.

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