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How a Fob System Works

In simplistic terms, key fob systems and clickers are in demand because they allow automated gates to open the same way a garage door does: easily.

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Gate Automation: How InteleGates Can Stabilize Business Operations

Gate automation in Los Angeles is a helpful tool for running an efficient business location. Local commercial properties need to abide by a system that keeps all the parts moving. As a matter of fact, owners have installed automated gates for this very reason. Efficiency is an attribute that all companies should strive for. InteleGates

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Repairing Motorized Gates in Laguna, CA

Motorized gates in Laguna, CA, can seem like a luxury. In a sense, they are because they add an element of convenience to your sunny days. That said, luxuries need maintenance to last. The ability to come and go from your home or place of business is more than a convenient perk—it’s a necessity in […]

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Gate Opener Troubleshooting: Elite Diagnosis

Gate opener troubleshooting helps to keep automated gates in working order, which makes our lives easier. Californians know the kind of comfort that properly installed gates bring, but not everyone knows how to diagnose when there’s a malfunction. Gate upkeep, while necessary, isn’t a simple task. First, you need to determine the

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My Electric Gate Won’t Open: What Now?

What happens if you're in a hurry and your electric gate doesn't respond? Manual opening options might allow you to put the problem on the shelf, but you're in trouble if your setup blocks you in. It can be challenging to determine a course of action if you've never had to call for gate repair [...]
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Santa Monica Repair Solutions for Automated Gates

You might forget your automated gates exist if you interact with them on a daily basis. This is how convenience works: look for it, find it, and then live freely. Unfortunately, wear and tear will eventually take its toll, and suddenly that entry/exit convenience becomes a hunt for repair solutions. Or maybe your old gates [...]
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