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Los Angeles Gate Repair for Remote Controls

With gate repair, remote controls are a well-known convenience. From the early days of large, box-like TV clickers to sleek Bluetooth speaker handhelds, everyone knows the benefits of control. Having the ability to operate from a distance is a big part of electric gate functionality, with the citizens of Los Angeles relying on such

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Daily Life with Gate Automation

Life is hectic enough without the hassle of opening and closing gates by hand. Gate automation can make your life easier, save you time, and help protect your property. Keep your loved ones safe with reliable gate automation systems from InteleGates today. Quick magnetic locks can activate when you need them most, and adding on [...]
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Why Automated Installations Last

Automated installations for businesses and homeowners alike are designed to last. With regular gate maintenance, any gate owner can be a long-time gate owner. When it comes to state-of-the-art technology, this is just part of the deal, versus a throw-away product that cannot be upgraded. Maintenance is a key factor in keeping electric

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Home Protection in Orange County

Home protection is and has always been a concern, no matter where a person is in their life: old or young, alone or with a family. Just like the need for food or water, protection against intruders is paramount to a person’s survival and wellbeing. In Orange County, the beautiful weather and history that shines […]

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Gate Automation in Los Angeles Communities

Gate automation helps a community stay safe. Thanks to innovative designs and accessories, gate owners have multiple options for installations and/or upgrades, ranging from classic designs to newer, more modern builds. In Los Angeles, a property needs regular upkeep to ensure its protection against any unwanted visitors. However, for

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3 Common Automated Gate Failures

Automated gate failures can be an unfortunate part of ownership. This applies to both commercial and residential owners, with common mishaps like remote malfunctions, inner working issues, and the failure to protect occurring at least once a year – at least if gate maintenance isn’t regularly scheduled. While you might

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3 Upgrades for Peak Automated Gate Control

Automated gate control is an essential part of the electric gate experience. In Los Angeles, gate preferences vary by person. For residential homes, gate controls and accessories often depend on the person’s lifestyle. Basically, this means that a large family will find value in a bevy of choices, from key fobs to properly calibrated

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Gate Devices for Great Automated Gate Security

Automated gate security is always in demand in the Los Angeles area, making upgrades and maintenance a must. For many residents, the purpose of electric gates is twofold: safety and easy access for invited parties. Gate devices help with both, a gate owner has a wide array of options to choose from. InteleGates offers magnetic [...]
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An Automated Gate Installation for Your Commercial Location

An automated gate installation makes a giant difference for commercial locations in Los Angeles. For any entrepreneur or veteran business owner, you want all the advantages you can get. Thankfully, InteleGates can provide your commercial property with mobile controls, reliable automation, and increased security. Mobile Controls Automated

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California Seconds: Fast Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic gate repair is a necessary part of keeping your commercial or residential property in top shape. To keep all the surrounding components working – like remote accessories, movement sensors, and other additional technologies – you need fast repair services. InteleGates can address any problem you encounter with

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