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Residential Gates for Large Families

One of the best ways of protecting your home and family is with a residential gate. These modern, reliable, and convenient builds ensure that large families are comfortably secure. However, home security shouldn’t attract attention or disrupt everyday comings and goings for your household’s various members. Therefore, consider

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Telephone Entry Systems: How They Keep Your Home Secure

An automated gate system is a prime example of modern convenience. Still, if you live in Los Angeles you can always improve upon “modern.” If you have a commercial or residential property that uses sensors but doesn’t feature a telephone entry system, then you might consider fresh safety measures. Automated gates are wonderful,

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Three Reasons to Invest in Remote Access Gates

When it comes to investing in a home or business accessory, an owner must weigh the advantages against possible expenses. If you are a resident of California, the need for gates is clear but the reasons for investing in remote access gates might not be. Here are the top three reasons to consider remote access […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Using InteleGates for Gate Maintenance

Perhaps you are a homeowner or entrepreneur and you’ve recently installed new electronic gates. Like any technological addition, you have to consider maintenance options to keep things running smoothly. There are plenty of reasons why gate maintenance issues can happen at any time. This is where InteleGates can help. Types of Gates

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Four Common Reasons for Electronic Gate Repairs

Electronic gate repairs are an eventual, unavoidable task, no matter the quality of installation. Repairs are necessary to maintain the consistent security you experienced upon the day of installation. Reasons range from unforeseen events that cause damage, to everyday wear and tear. Repairs range from low to high cost, and depending

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Five FAQs About Electronic Gate Installation

If you are considering an electronic gate installation, what particulars do you need to know? While there are several companies that provide services, you can’t be too careful when choosing a team to do the work. Cover your bases beforehand, so that you receive the total package that will last and strengthen your home or business.

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How to Open Electronic Gates Manually

How long has it been since you installed electronic gates for your home or business? Once wear and tear takes away that electronic ease, you might have to resort to manual action to get back into your place of residence or work. In case of a malfunction, you need to weigh your best DIY options. […]

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Gate Fob Systems: A Beginner’s Guide

Automatic gates add style and value to a home or business. One benefit of an automatic gate is the gate fob system that controls the entrance. With the amount of technology that goes into automatic gates, it may seem a bit challenging at first to master. However, using a gate fob for your automatic gate […]

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Three Tips For Picking the Best Automated Gate From Intelegates

When you’re looking for ways to make your home safer and more secure, installing an automated gate is a brilliant decision. If you’re at the beginning of the process, here are the top three things to consider before signing on the dotted line. In the end, we’ll tell you a bit more about how Intelegates […]

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Modern Home Security Made Easy with Automated Gates

Home security has never been as important as it is in 2020. Criminals are always finding new and innovative ways to break into unsecured homes in every neighborhood. However, as a homeowner, it’s important for you to find new and innovative ways to keep your home safe and secure from these evildoers. In today’s blog [...]
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