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California Seconds: Fast Automatic Gate Repair

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Automatic gate repair is a necessary part of keeping your commercial or residential property in top shape. To keep all the surrounding components working – like remote accessories, movement sensors, and other additional technologies – you need fast repair services.

InteleGates can address any problem you encounter with your automated gates, commercial or residential. We are a mainstay operation in the Los Angeles area. We don’t deal in guesswork if the problem isn’t obvious, either. Internal malfunctions can be hard to pinpoint, which leads to wasting time and money attempting a fix. In fact, uninformed repairs can lead to more problems, some of them unseen. Commercial gate repair might be a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out affair, which is where the experts come into play. Our gate specialists can identify any malfunction quickly and then act accordingly.

Automatic Gate Repair for Physical Damages

Physical or exterior damages are fairly common in LA, with many properties being the unfortunate target (accidental or otherwise) of reckless drivers. Bad drivers, even if they are part of your beloved family or crew, can speed through an automated gate before it’s opened all the way, or a delivery driver might misjudge the space needed to pass through.

Whatever the case, vehicular accidents can damage interior wiring and hinges, or knock sensors out of sync. Automatic gate repair is a necessity, especially if you deal with commercial drivers and deliveries, or your location is a hub of driving activities where accidents may occur. After all, rookie operators will make driving mistakes when navigating a large truck around. What’s important is that you follow up on the damage. This way you can keep your gates in working shape for the foreseeable future.

InteleGates has experience with small bends and sensor malfunctions. For over a decade, we’ve seen some catastrophic situations as well. Whatever the cause, our veteran team of specialists can help right your situation. If the wiring is shorting out, we can replace the needed wires or fuses. A sliding gate might stick following car contact, but we can return it to its smooth movements.

California Seconds: Anything Can Happen

Security is essential for every home and commercial location. Make no mistake: gate automation protects against break-ins and theft, but any damage to your gates leaves you vulnerable. While vandalism isn’t out of the realm of possibilities, strong winds and storms can do just as much harm to your gate. Mother Nature can cause a security breach just as easily as someone in a ski mask can. The point is, anything can happen in mere seconds.

How you deal with the aftermath is what’s important. With InteleGates, problems like faulty wheels, chewed-up wires, and bent hinges can be addressed in a timely manner. Our tools are crafted to fit into small spaces. Our specialists can swap out damaged parts or reset the remote-control devices when they’re unresponsive. With InteleGates, you can make an informed decision. Don’t wait to schedule a repair technician. Instead, let us swing by and take a look so you don’t lose any sleep over a hole in your security.

Automatic Gate Repair on the Clock

Los Angeles’s citizens move fast. Whether you own the property or are renting a commercial property, we can keep up with the pace and ensure that gate damages don’t slow you down. Ask about our speedy services today. Contact InteleGates for a quality-but-quick response.

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