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Automated and Remote Gates Elderly Homes

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Eldercare is all about patience, tenderness, and safety. Not everyone can move like they used to, so you want to be careful of transportation. Walking your father or mother in and out of their home safely to diners or parks should be a fun visitation, not a cause for worry. If you are a property owner who provides housing for elderly clients, as opposed to a family member, then you want to offer answers for any caretaking concerns. One solution is to apply automated and remote gates for any residential or commercial location.

Gates for Residential Homes

Residential areas often match one another. This could be a particular home front design, cement pathways, or a type of tree. While all of this adds to a cozy place elders might find comforting, that doesn’t change the need for security. Remote gates should be a common feature in the Los Angeles area, but this isn’t the case for many residential homes. If your family has elderly members, you should consider an installation.

InteleGates offers custom automated and remote gates to fit any design. Our technical specialists install reputable brands, like Miracle One and DKS Doorking, plus unlisted gate brands you might be partial to. We recommend slide gates that move easily on directional tracks. They’re safely crafted to avoid catching people off-guard, with auto sensors that cover a custom scope.

If your choice depends on the architecture, we can help pick the gate that fits into the neighborhood. InteleGates is family-owned and operated, and each of us has personal experience with eldercare. We understand the importance of the people in our lives. Give our website a visit for the lowdown on an affordable-yet-professional package that allows for the best care possible.

Commercial Gated Homes & Apartments

You want strong protective measures for your clients if you are in charge of elders in a gated community or assisted living scenario. It’s a sad fact that the elderly are often victims of theft and other crimes, which means half-measures aren’t enough when it comes to gated improvements around your property.

Remote protected entry and exit points help decrease elder vulnerability against outsiders. They also serve to give tenants a better sense of safety thanks to solid craftsmanship and a secure, modern appearance. Automated and remote gates that operate via phone and keycard show dedication to the process, as do the newest tactics for installations. Families appreciate modern and classic blends, and so do we.

Remote Gates for the Best Elderly Care

Transitions from caretaker to caretaker are a difficult time for seniors. A sturdy gate system helps to ease those transitions. For instance, buzz-in keypads help to avoid scenarios where someone with Alzheimer’s leaves the premises alone. With InteleGates’s premiere monitoring software, you’ll know where each individual is, plus who’s coming and going.

It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial provider or a family watching out for Grandpa—contact us for planning estimates. Gates can be controlled by keypads, fobs, or phone options, so be sure to ask about our newest technological additions. InteleGates will keep the elderly safe while they are under your care.


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