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Automated Gate Repair

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Automated Gate Maintenance

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Gate Automation

Automated Gate Services Yorktown

InteleGates provides top quality automated and electric gate services in Yorktown, Huntington Beach. Equip your gate with automation and access control system services, personalizing your gate to meet your property’s needs. We offer secure, effective gate solutions, working with a variety of features and systems, i.e. electric security systems, entry card systems, magnetic locks, keypad access, telephone entry systems, and more.

Automated Gate Repair & Maintenance

An automated gate won’t always work like it should. Like any property element, a gate has a lifespan and without adequate maintenance, its lifespan is even shorter. Whether you need a gate repair in Yorktown or to be set up on a routine gate maintenance schedule, let one of our highly skilled technicians run diagnostics and analysis on your gate. Within 30 minutes or less, we’ll have identified any issues and be able to provide a full look into how well your gate is functioning.

Residential & Commercial Gate Services Yorktown, Huntington Beach

Having worked with all major brands of automated gates, InteleGates, Inc., has worked for over 20 years on residential and commercial gate services in Yorktown and abroad. Whether it’s sliding gates, swing gates, access control systems, or gate hardware breakdowns, we can handle it. We’ve troubleshooted gates at individual’s homes and also gates in high-traffic, heavy-duty areas. No one can beat our expertise, speed, or workmanship. We guarantee it.

The Best Automated Gate Services In Yorktown, Huntington Beach

We serve our loyal customers in Yorktown, Huntington Beach.  We are ready, with our expertise, technicians, and tools – to get the job done right.  We understand how important your security is.  We know how vulnerable you may feel without a properly functioning gate, and we also understand the inconvenience.  Let us address the issue now.  Our team is ready to help with quality, reliable electric gate repairs. Call us!

About Yorktown, Huntington Beach

Yorktown, Huntingtown Beach is a beautiful place to live in California. Living conditions are fair, transit is available, and schools are highly rated. There is no shortage of things to do and the homes for sale in Yorktown are classic California in design with a median price of $1.8 million. The population of Yorktown is just over 6,000, with the majority being renters. Nearly everything you need done in this neighborhood you can get done on foot, from groceries to recreational activities. It’s also a very family-friendly community with local parks, playgrounds, and daycare centers, and more. Neighborhoods like Yorktown are why Huntington Beach remains such a trendy place to browse for people looking for a place to call their own.

Things To Do In Yorktown, Huntington Beach

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Brands We Work With

InteleGates provides repair and installation of gates and gate automation for the following brands
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Automated Gate Service FAQs Yorktown

What is an entry card?

An entry card is a small plastic card that is programmed with a unique code or identifier that allows authorized individuals to enter your property through your automated gate.

How does a magnetic lock work?

A magnetic lock is a locking mechanism that uses an electromagnet to keep the gate securely closed until it’s released by an authorized individual.

How often should I have my automated gate serviced?

Automated gates should be serviced at least once a year to ensure that all components are working correctly and to prevent any issues from arising.

How much does automated gate repair cost in Yorktown, Huntington Beach?

The cost of automated gate repair will depend on the nature and extent of the problem, as well as the specific components and hardware involved. Our technician can provide a detailed estimate after assessing the issue.

What are some common issues with electric gates?

OK, there is no one thing but if I have to answer, the photocell is not aligned or water drops on the photocell (safety sensor) – Need to clean it (by hand if you want).

Are these access control options difficult to install or maintain?

Our team of experienced technicians can handle the installation and maintenance of all types of access control options for your automated gate system, so you don’t have to worry about any complicated procedures.

If you’re interested in adding entry cards, magnetic locks, keypads or any other type of access control solution to your automated gate system, contact us at InteleGates for expert assistance.

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