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Automated Gate Repair

Automated Gate Repair

Automated Gate Maintenance

Automated Gate Maintenance

Gate Automation

Gate Automation

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InteleGates Inc in Miracle Mile, Los Angeles has been at the forefront of electric gate repair and maintenance for over years. Our experienced technicians are ready to provide a comprehensive service that includes installing, repairing, and maintaining all kinds of electric gates.

From swing gates to sliding gates, barrier arms to cantilever gates, our team can handle any kind of gate installation or repair with ease.

We understand how important it is for your electric gate system to operate without fail and ensure your property’s safety. That’s why we take pride in our attention to detail when servicing your gate system so you can have peace of mind knowing it is running securely and reliably at all times.

We also provide keypad entry systems with multiple access codes for added security in gated communities or commercial facilities.

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At InteleGates Inc, we make sure to deliver quality services that are both affordable and reliable. We offer prompt service and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our work so you know you can trust us with your gate needs. Contact us today for a free estimate if you need any assistance with electric gate repair or installation!

About Miracle Mile, Los Angeles

In the 1920s, Wilshire Boulevard beyond Western Avenue was a rural path traversing fields of dairy cows and beans. A.W Ross had bigger aspirations for this area though – he sought to make it into an entertainment district that could compete with Downtown Los Angeles in its magnificence.

This vision came alive through the Miracle Mile development which enshrined May Company Department Store’s iconic Streamline Moderne building on one end and E Clem Wilson Building – LA’s tallest commercial architecture at the time – on another as anchors for future projects.

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InteleGates is a Southern California-based gate company specializing in a broad range of residential & commercial gate services in Miracle Mile, Los Angeles.

Electric Gate Repair - InteleGates, Electric Gate Company

Electric Gates Repair

Electric Gate Maintenance  - InteleGates, Electric Gate Company

Gates Maintenance

Gate Automation - InteleGates, Electric Gate Company

Gates Automation

Telephone Entry Systems - InteleGates, Electric Gate Company

Telephone Systems

Keypad Entry Systems - InteleGates, Electric Gate Company

Intercom Keypads

Magnetic Locks - InteleGates, Electric Gate Company

Magnetic Locks

Gate Buzzers - InteleGates, Electric Gate Company

Gate Buzzers

Gate FOB System - InteleGates, Electric Gate Company

Fob Systems


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common causes of electric gate problems?

Animals like rats, snakes and ants could cause problems with an electric gate.
Also, water rust plants and leaves wiring (high and low voltage).

How often should I have my automated gate serviced?

Automated gates should be serviced at least once a year to ensure that all components are working correctly and to prevent any issues from arising.

How long does electric gate repair take?

It depends on the problem. After our diagnosis and assessment of 30 minutes we will know and let you know. In general most of the repairs are within 30 minutes.

What are some common signs that my electric gate needs repair?

If it doesn’t sound as usual or if it gives you an on-and-off problem.

How much does automated gate repair cost?

The cost of automated gate repair will depend on the nature and extent of the problem, as well as the specific components and hardware involved. Our technician can provide a detailed estimate after assessing the issue.
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