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Five FAQs About Electronic Gate Installation

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If you are considering an electronic gate installation, what particulars do you need to know? While there are several companies that provide services, you can’t be too careful when choosing a team to do the work. Cover your bases beforehand, so that you receive the total package that will last and strengthen your home or business. Keep reading to learn some of our most frequently asked questions.

1. Which Property Types Allow for Gate Installation?

LA and Orange County features many types of property. Ultimately, you want safety regardless of property type. Electronic gates can be installed in common areas like apartment buildings and privately-owned homes. Commercial properties and government properties can also accommodate installation. What matters is how skilled the installers are, and if they are prepared to make adjustments for sizes and tricky land layouts. No matter what kind of property you own or what kind of gate service you need, it’s always good to check beforehand to understand a course of action.

2. Is Gate Installation Affordable

corporate service might put on an effective show, but price is always a question when it comes to quality. Does the price cover upgrades, or add-ons? How versatile are the installation choices?

We work with brands such as Eagle, Miracle One, and Viking Access Systems. Gate installation services should be choice-inclusive and affordable. InteleGates also offers emergency electric gate and driveway gate repair service at affordable rates. For emergency repair to your gate or operating system don’t hesitate to visit our site for an estimate.

3. Should the Installation Company Be FamilyOwned

This answer depends on what kind of service you favor. A corporate brand isn’t always the most flexible for appointments, or financial plans. Southern California knows that we play a vital role in their safety and security. The InteleGates reputation proves that we will work hard to do everything we can to make sure protection is affordable, but still good quality. With over 20 years of experience, we have worked to eliminate common problems that hinder electronic gate installations. We are committed to installing the safety measures that this community needs.

4. Will Movement Sensors Be Visible

The best electronic gates are diverse when it comes to technology and upgrades. Installing both above and below ground sensors can create a better aesthetic for your property, along with a wider range of autodetection when going in and out. The main purpose of installing gates is to supply protection, but there’s no reason they should be a cumbersome eyesore. Check installation services to make sure you’re getting the best of both worlds.

5. Do Electronic Gates Really Keep Me Safe

Families from LA and the Orange County area prefer to know their gates are secure. When installed correctly, an electronic gate will adhere to your commands only. You will know who enters the property at all times. You can block anyone without permission. InteleGates prides itself on high quality protection and convenience. 

Because our services ensure protection, we have the opportunity to work with a large base of clients. We understand the importance of keeping family safe, financially and physically. The InteleGates team deals in focused interaction, not impersonal corporate services. We consider our clients unique, with a variety of needs. With an open ear and experience, we believe we can meet those requirements. We tailor our services to help families like our own. This gives us a unique perspective into home safety, so call us at (562) 501-4175 to discover the answers to every installation question you might have.

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