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Four Most Common Automated Gate Repairs

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Automated gates are designed to blend convenience with security. They are designed to allow residents to enter quickly while keeping unwelcome visitors out. In many situations, an automated gate is a huge selling point for future residents who are considering moving in. Unfortunately, automated gates are not without the need for maintenance. In today’s blog, we’ll look at the four most common reasons for automated gate repairs.

Gate Repairs Reason #1: Control Box Failures

The first common reason for gate repairs involves issues with control boxes. While they are usually well-protected from the weather, condensation and other forms of moisture can cause damage to the wires inside. If damage to the electronics occurs, the security gate may stop functioning altogether. While the control box can sometimes be repaired, it is often easier and safer to replace the entire component.

Reason #2: Remote Control Issues

The second most common reason that gate repairs are required involves the remote control. Unlike the control box, the fixes for remotes tend to be quick and easy to achieve. Remotes frequently experience dead batteries, programming failures, and other access problems. Fixing remote controls quickly can avoid inconveniencing the entire neighborhood.

Gate Repairs Reason #3: Gate Motor Troubles

The third common reason for gate repairs involves the motor that opens the gate. The tricky thing about motor repairs is determining the cause. Motor failures often occur as a result of either weather damage or age. When an automated gate turns ten years old, it’s more likely that the motor will fail. These repairs are difficult. In many situations, replacing the motor itself makes more sense than attempting risky repairs. In other cases, replacing the entire gate is essential if the repair process takes too long.

Reason #4: Structural Problems

The final common reason for gate repairs involves structural issues with the gate itself. This is the most difficult cause to determine because there are any number of factors that can cause a gate to fail structurally. Some of the most frequent causes are vandalism, debris falling, or vehicles running into the gate. Sometimes, a broken hinge can be welded and a gate can be put back on track. If the damage is too significant, the gate will need to be replaced immediately.

Intelegates: Your Go-To Gate Repairs Specialists

Now that you’ve learned about the most common reasons for automated gate repairs, it’s time to know that you’re not alone. When you find yourself in need of assistance, consider Intelegates. For over twenty years, we’ve been providing maintenance to customers throughout Los Angeles County. Visit our website to learn more about us. We take your gate safety seriously.


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