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Gate Fob Systems

Installing & Configuring Gate Key Fob Systems For Your Gate Security

What Is A Gate Fob System

Gate Fob Systems offer secure and convenient access to your property. Our systems are designed to make the entry process of automated gates simple and easy. With a few clicks, you can open and close your gate with the press of a button. Our systems are reliable and secure, giving you the peace of mind that your property is secure.

How Gate Fob Systems Work

A gate fob system is an electronic access control system that uses a small handheld device called a fob to grant or deny access to a secure area. These systems are commonly used in residential buildings, commercial offices and gated communities.

A key fob is a small plastic device containing an electronic chip that communicates with an electronic reader on the gate. The reader sends a signal to the key fob, which responds with a unique code. If the code matches the code stored in the system’s database, the gate will be unlocked and the user will be able to enter. These systems are designed to be convenient and safe for the user. It eliminates the need for traditional keys that can be lost or stolen and provides an additional layer of security by requiring specific code sequences to authorize entry.

Key fob systems can be programmed to give different levels of access to individual users. For example, residents of a gated community may have unlimited access to community amenities, while visitors may have restricted access for a period of time.

Easy To Install

Gate Fob Systems are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Our systems come with detailed instructions for easy installation and setup. Our systems are compatible with most automated gate systems, allowing for quick and easy installation.

Affordable And Reliable Gate Key Fob Systems

Gate Key Fob Systems are both affordable and reliable. We offer a wide range of systems, giving you the option to choose the system that best meets your needs and budget. Our systems are designed for reliability and durability, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your property is safe.

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Who Uses Gate Key Fob Systems


Homeowners tend to choose a fob system more often than anyone else. When you want to protect private property, you want to do it as simply as possible. Fobs provide the safety and simplicity that homeowners need. Each family member can have their own fob so that they can come and go as needed.

Residential Gate Fob Systems

Property Owners

Not all private property involves homeownership. Some property owners have small buildings or similar places that may need some protection. If you don’t visit your property on a daily basis, then you’ll want to make sure that your property stays protected while you’re away. A fob system is a convenient way to do that.

Gate Key Fob For Gated Community

Frequent Travelers

If you’re out and about all the time, it’s a good idea to have a fob system for your automated gate. A fob is extremely portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. While a remote can be carried in a purse or pocket, most people keep these remotes in their cars for easy access. If you’re traveling in more than one vehicle throughout the day, it’s generally easier to use a fob system.


Of course, the groups listed above aren’t the only people who use a fob system for their automated gates. One of the best things about fobs is that they’re versatile. Fob systems work well for a lot of scenarios, so people choose them for their gates all the time.
Automated Gate Repair

Automated Gate Repair

Automated Gate Maintenance

Automated Gate Maintenance

Gate Automation

Gate Automation

Why Use a Gate Key Fob?

Why choose a fob system for your gates? Fob systems can meet a lot of security needs. Here are just some of the reasons why a lot of people choose a fob entry method.

Total Control for Total Security

With a fob system, only the person who holds the fob gets to decide when the gates open and close. You press the button for easy entry. Otherwise, those doors stay shut. This way, you get total control and total security. You can take your property’s safety into your own hands. You should get to decide who enters your property and who doesn’t. This way, you can.

Take It Anywhere

Like we said above, a fob is small and can fit onto a keychain. That means you can take your gate fob anywhere you’d also take your car keys. It’s a simple and compact system that can go virtually anywhere. The fact that you can put your gate fob on a keychain means that you can keep that fob from getting lost. For those who like the idea of a remote but worry about losing it, the fob provides a great alternative.

Can Combine with Other Systems

Did you know that you can combine gate systems with one another? If you choose a fob system, for example, you may also choose a gate buzzer system so that you have an easy way to let guests onto your property. The fob’s simplicity lends itself nicely to these combinations.

The InteleGates Difference?

So you’ve decided on a fob system for your automated gates. Now, who should you choose to install your new system? The InteleGates team is the best choice for southern California. We provide the best service because we know that’s what our clients deserve. That’s why LA and Orange County choose InteleGates for their gate fobs and other gate-related needs.

20 Years of Experience

At InteleGates, we bring 20 years of experience to the table. Gate technology is evolving, and we’ve watched it evolve from our front-row vantage point. Over the past 20 years, we’ve become top-tier experts on gate automation. Never settle for a team that doesn’t know what it’s doing. Call the team that has all the right experience.

We Handle It All

Ready to have your fob system installed? Then you’ll want a team that can take care of everything. InteleGates is just that team. We take care of everything from gate installation to regular maintenance and troubleshooting. Don’t waste your time calling multiple companies. Just call us. We’re here to handle all of your gate-related needs.

Committed to Client Satisfaction

At InteleGates, client satisfaction matters to us more than anything. When you’re our client, we do everything we can to ensure that you get exactly what you need. That’s why the southern California community chooses us for their gate installation. Our many satisfied clients are proof that we provide amazing service. Ready to experience that amazing service for yourself? Then we’re ready to get started.

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