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Gate Automation in Los Angeles Communities

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Gate automation helps a community stay safe. Thanks to innovative designs and accessories, gate owners have multiple options for installations and/or upgrades, ranging from classic designs to newer, more modern builds. In Los Angeles, a property needs regular upkeep to ensure its protection against any unwanted visitors. However, for many Los Angeles residents, you want to have a convenient way to allow wanted visitors inside.

With an electric gate, owners can share designated codes with those they trust the most. Family members and friends will have easy access whenever you need them to housesit, feed a pet, or come home after school. InteleGates is an authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, and LiftMaster. With our guidance, you can make an informed decision about when to schedule an installation or repair job with one of our skilled employees.

Community Goals with Gate Automation

Communities greatly benefit from gate automation services because our endgame is the same as yours: to protect your property from thieves but keep it comfortable for the people you love. Gate installations and repairs are local to you wherever you reside in Orange County, Santa Monica, or anywhere else in the greater Los Angeles area. We can hook you up with controls to give you remote and fast access.

For example, our telephone entry systems are the latest models, with quick response buttons and remote control range. Your privacy is important, and with this upgrade you can grant access to visitors and delivery drivers from your mobile phone. This software also works well with popular tablet devices. We only install new and updated software to avoid any technical issues. For our more hands-on clients, remote-control options like key fobs and clickers are easy to carry and use.

Repair Options for LA Communities

Even the most popular and reliable gates can experience a breakdown or two. For example, sliding gates can malfunction for several reasons, often in ways that are out of your hands. Nature itself can do the damage, with things like bugs invading and gumming up the inner mechanical workings. Nature aside, common wear and tear can put your gate automation on hold, which is never a good thing.

With InteleGates, scheduling commercial gate repair is much easier than dealing with the aftermath of a security breach. A malfunctioning gate can significantly impact your daily schedule, as well. Whenever the automated gates on your premises stop functioning properly, hire our repair service experts. We can fix faulty movement wheels, chewed-up wires, or damaged hinges. There are multiple problems that can occur over time, and these take experts to address.

Live Safe with Gate Automation

Automated gates are your central strength against break-ins and theft, but also a comfort for your family and guests. Ultimately, an installation can give your community an aesthetically pleasing gate operation that family members of all ages can rely on. Gate technology is easy to operate, but hard to get past. Ask us about estimates in the Los Angeles area and schedule an appointment now. InteleGates will serve your community well.

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