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Gate Automation Trending in Your Area

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Gate automation is popular in Los Angeles because local companies and citizens can rely on an installation. Equipping gates with motion technology is a long-lasting upgrade for commercial and residential properties.

The benefits of gate automation outweigh any investment concerns. For LA residents, you want your belongings and family to be protected from unwanted visitors or break-ins. No matter what time of day it is, you want to be able to leave the premises and feel good about the safety of the location. Motion-activated swinging or slide gates have great word-of-mouth because it’s a wise investment.

Home or Office Gate Automation

Los Angeles residents tend to throw themselves into their work and/or passions. Building a business from the ground up is no easy task, often costing years of dedication. It stands to reason that all that care and creativity shouldn’t go to waste. If you put off a proper security installation, then you face much more risk than reward. After all, you wouldn’t buy a fancy car and then leave the doors unlocked, would you?

It also stands to reason that someone is going to notice a hole in your security. Without modern gates, commercial investments won’t pay off. Instead, you’ll face financial losses from theft and vandalism, which also takes a high mental toll. Make no mistake: some people will take advantage of a low-security situation. With gate automation, an unfortunate scenario is preventable.

Much of this applies to home security as well. After all, your home is your castle. Being unprepared is oddly common, which is why InteleGates wants to get the word out: there’s no reason to put your home or office at risk. Our installation specialists make gate installation easy. To start the process, we can go over available automation options with you. Once you’ve decided on a plan, our specialists will get right to work. Our coverage includes Santa Monica, Orange County, and surrounding areas.

Gate Automation Choice of Control

Gate automation is trending because people enjoy having options. Regarding technology, people like to be impressed by new updates and evolutions. Aesthetics aside, convenience is a big selling point. With multiple ways to open automated gates, there’s little wonder why people are talking.

Clicker remotes keep families on the move. Gate buzzers are popular among Los Angeles business owners. Both options are ways to keep yourself in the loop. With digital monitoring options, you’ll know who is entering your property and when. All these control devices can be combined with other options, such as keypads and entry card devices. For convenience, codes can be distributed to the right people. In turn, only trusted employees and family members will have access.

InteleGates can rig control software to your mobile devices. We can install gate sensors on residential or commercial properties in the Los Angeles area. We also offer maintenance for any gate controls that experience disconnects or lagging issues. With our specialists, you will have your choice of control with gate automation.

Gate Automation: More than Buzzwords

InteleGates is an authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, and LiftMaster. LA residents deserve the best automation for the home or office – or both if you want 100% security. Our gate technicians will motorize your setup and help maintain it as well. We provide repair solutions for any malfunctions. This kind of security can only benefit your location, and InteleGates is ready to get things started. Contact us now.

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