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Gate Devices for Great Automated Gate Security

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Automated gate security is always in demand in the Los Angeles area, making upgrades and maintenance a must. For many residents, the purpose of electric gates is twofold: safety and easy access for invited parties. Gate devices help with both, a gate owner has a wide array of options to choose from. InteleGates offers magnetic locks, remote controls, key fobs, and gate buzzers. You have your choice of accessories to make your gate experience even better.

Magnetic Locks

Gate automation keeps your home or property safe from intruders and vandalism. If equipped, magnetic locks can protect your home when you are away. These gate devices add extra protection to any property, effectively upgrading an electric gate to stand against any safety concerns. For most LA residents, magnetic locks are essential at night and during those times when you may be away, whether it’s on a trip or across town. Extra, in this case, is a good thing. 

Remote Controls for Automated Gate Security 

Automatic gate operators give the user carry convenience, meaning each device is a hassle-free experience. This means you can carry a remote with you as you travel between errands, night classes, or social gatherings. After all, automatic gate operations are meant to be fast and simple, with the same effort that you would use to open an ordinary garage door for the family vehicle. Remote controls can be handed to friends, family members, employees, or anyone else that you trust to be inside. InteleGates can equip your gates with the best automation on the market, with controls for every daily purpose.

Key Fobs & Gate Buzzers

Much like a key fob for vehicles, a gate key fob unlocks and opens your automated gate. Thanks to this remote control system, the operator only needs to push a button for instant access to your property. Key fobs and gate buzzers will keep intruders outside and away from your property. A gate fob, just like your car key fob, can fit onto a keychain for easy storage. With gate buzzers, homeowners can have both security and convenience no matter who stops by: delivery drivers, mechanics, tenants, or family members. These gate devices can keep homes and offices safe while granting access to the people that need entry.

Automated Gate Security Devices

InteleGates believes in keeping automated gate conveniences easily attainable. If you are on the market for an upgrade or regular installation, our gate specialists can add an extra boost to your security. Afterward, regular maintenance is available if you experience any issues. We use the process of elimination to determine the issue, and then get to work in a quick but thorough manner. We can provide a six-month maintenance service that lets you go on about your daily business.

Consider hiring this authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, and LiftMaster. Let our friendly employees upgrade your automated gates so you can experience them fully. Ask us about which gate devices will work best for your routine. InteleGates is ready to provide the best services available.

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