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Gate Fob Systems: A Beginner’s Guide

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Automatic gates add style and value to a home or business. One benefit of an automatic gate is the gate fob system that controls the entrance. With the amount of technology that goes into automatic gates, it may seem a bit challenging at first to master. However, using a gate fob for your automatic gate is straightforward. Here’s a beginner’s guide to using a gate fob system.

How Gate Fob Systems Work

Fob systems control automatic gates. Most of them come with a personal control panel and keypad. This adds a strong sense of security. These systems utilize power from the building’s electrical system or a backup battery.

The manner of accessing these gates varies, depending on the company. A few methods include PIN codes, smart cards, or scanners. The choice is yours, depending on the company you work with and your budget.

Gate Access Safety

Automatic gates improve home security with their multiple functions. For instance, some fob systems come with video and intercom technology. You can view who is at your gate from your building or cellphone device. In addition, you can create your own unique access codes.

These gates are also difficult to break, which enhances safety when it comes to invasion or vandalism. Alarm systems can be connected to your gate to trigger a warning when someone is there. They can also feature a panic button. Fob systems create safety barriers for your property. This helps with keeping small children and pets safe and inside the yard.

Another safety measure is the ease of use. Gate fob systems eliminate the need for keys, thereby preventing invaders from picking locks or duplicating keys.

Benefits of Gate Fob Systems

There are many benefits that come with fob systems. They are portable and can be used with mobile devices. This gives you remote access to your gate when you are away. In addition, it provides you the comfort of controlling the locks and opening your gate when you are close to home. Another use is letting in guests when you are hosting an event or allowing access to delivery drivers.

Additionally, you benefit from being the only one with access to your gate. This can keep solicitors or unwanted guests at bay.

Automatic Gate Installation

Now that you have more knowledge about gate fob systems, it’s time to consider getting one installed. Intelegates has specialized in installing and maintaining automatic gates throughout Los Angeles for over 20 years. Visit our website to learn more about the services we offer.

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