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Gate Maintenance: Affordable Troubleshooting

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Gate maintenance is a way to stop problems before they start. With a regular visit, any automated gate issues will be recognized and dealt with. An expert technician knows what to look for.

For example, if a ground sensor seems to be inconsistent when it comes to detecting movement, then you may have an electrical problem. The team at InteleGates can determine if there is a wire shorting out, or if the sensor itself is dead. Troubleshooting is a great way to keep your security working reliably. After all, what good is a security device if it’s malfunctioning?

Proper Care

Just like an automobile, your electric gate works best when it’s given the proper care. Without regular maintenance, automation can experience slowdowns. Opening and closing might begin to lag, creating more wait time for anyone passing through. For commercial properties, this time wasted adds up.

For one thing, you might be waiting for deliveries of products or important documents. Sometimes, this is a daily occurrence. If your commercial gates are slow to respond, deliveries are going to take longer to drop off. In the worst-case scenario, two deliveries arrive, and things get backed up. You can’t keep on schedule without proper gate maintenance.

Even remote controls can go out of sync, which requires an expert to recalibrate the system. Popular options like key fobs and clickers allow you to open automated gates with the click of a button. While mobile software is a great evolution of clicker devices, sometimes things go wrong. Scheduling regular gate maintenance and repair helps to catch problems before they stop your business in its tracks.

Gate Maintenance After Installation

At InteleGates, we install automated systems for your gate of choice. Thanks to regular innovation, we can provide multiple options for your electric gate entry. For example, a card reader system gives access to a select few. You get to choose who the cardholders are. This way you know who’s coming or going. We can also install gate sensors on your residential or commercial properties.

Once an installation is complete, time will pass. You’ll feel much safer than before, knowing all your products are safe. Or at home, you can go to bed without worrying about vandalism or theft. After all, you want to keep your kid’s new bicycle from greedy hands, and gate automation accomplishes this. However, you’ll want to schedule a maintenance session eventually. Like any good technological enhancement, longevity is an issue. Scheduling a check-in is a great way to keep gates working for decades to come.

Gate Maintenance in Los Angeles

For the best gate maintenance in the Los Angeles area, consider InteleGates, an authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, and LiftMaster. In the event of gate automation woes, InteleGates can provide troubleshooting for both large and small errors.

Whether it’s an electrical system issue or a problem with the gate itself, our friendly gate technicians are ready to solve the issue. We have the tools and know-how to keep your home or office secure. Basically, if you need us, we’re on the job. We specialize in new installations, repairs, and general troubleshooting. No matter what the need is, InteleGates is ready to help.

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