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Gate Remote Controls for Everyone’s Needs

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Are you looking to install a gate at your home or business? Automated gates are the most accessible, efficient, and safest way to protect your property. Often, automated gates come with a coded entry system. Those who frequent the property are given a code. Upon arrival, they enter the code, and the gate doors open. A coded entry works, but gate remote controls work even better! No more worrying about your family or employees forgetting their codes and getting locked out. Simply distribute remote controls to trusted users and make life easy! 

Benefits of Gate Remote Controls

Automated gate systems often come with a coded entry. No one can get through unless they enter the correct code. Unfortunately, codes are easy to forget, especially for a gate that you don’t use often. Instead of worrying about your kids, spouse, distant relatives, or employees remembering their codes, give each person a remote control to your gate. A remote control allows them to access the property with the click of a button instead of remembering your entry code. 

Additionally, remote controls keep your property more secure. There’s always a chance that someone could either guess your entry code, especially if you make it something easy like your birthday or the year of your wedding anniversary. With today’s technology, it’s also possible someone could hack into the electronic gate code system and steal the code. Either scenario leaves your property unsecured and open to intruders.    

Who Needs Remote Controls?

A remote control gate is a game-changer for everyone who enters the property. Whether they go through the gate every day or only a few times a year, it’s much easier to use a remote control instead of remembering a code.  


Kids have a lot on their minds! They have enough to memorize at school without worrying about remembering the code to the gate. Give them a remote control and free them from worrying about getting locked out of their own home!

Distant Relatives 

Distant relatives are the perfect people to give remote controls to. They don’t visit your home often, and when they do, they probably won’t remember your code. Send them gate remote controls – that way, the next time they visit, they can easily access your property.  


A remote control gate entry is perfect for a place of business because it is much easier and more secure. Distribute remote controls to any applicable employees and allow them to easily access the office without trying to remember their code.  

Property Staff

Finally, it is very helpful to give people who regularly access your property a remote control to your gate. This could include property managers, maids, landscapers, etc. 

Gate remote controls help automated gates to be more secure and easier to use. As a homeowner or business owner, it’s still essential that you only distribute remote controls to people you trust. Remote control gate entry is also more aesthetically pleasing! No more bulky code boxes outside of your gate. At InteleGates, we install, repair, and maintain automated gates at homes and businesses. For more information about gate remote control entry and our services, contact InteleGates today.

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