Gate Repair VS Replacement: When To Consider Either Option

When it comes to gate repair vs replacement, it can be a difficult task to determine which is best for you. A broken electric gate is a safety risk and, arguably just as important, a significant inconvenience for anyone requiring access. In some cases, a broken gate can be repaired but in other situations, an electric gate replacement is the best path to take. Which you choose relies on many factors but it’s ultimately the decision of the gate owner what they opt for.

Extent Of The Damage

The ultimate deciding factor on the electric gate repair v. replacement question is how much damage there is, what parts of the gate are damaged, and whether the damage is fixable.

A gate that is completely broken down needs to be replaced. With any single component or part breaking down, however, you may be able to replace these elements while keeping the rest of your gate intact and operational.

A gate repair expert will be able to analyze the extent of the damage and the costs of a repair compared to a replacement.

Gate Repair Vs Replacement Alignment Issues

Trouble With Alignment

You may notice your gate making loud squeaking or grinding noises when it’s operating.

If the gate is not properly positioned and is out of alignment due to wear-and-tear or shifts in the foundation, this can be tremendously difficult to resolve and is sometimes impossible to fix. A gate replacement may be unavoidable in that case.

What Indicate Gate Alignment Issues

Loud noises are not necessarily always from misalignment, however. They can be from overworked, worn hinges. If a hinge gives way and collapses, your gate may end up scraping against the ground and/or be unable to open or close.

At times, a hinge issue can be resolved with a repair but other times, yes, a replacement may be worth the consideration.

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The Age Of Your Gate Is Important

The age of your gate may necessitate a replacement if it’s an older design with dated technologies. Alternatively, a newer gate that’s only a year or two old is highly unlikely to require a replacement if it breaks down.

How old your gate is will be a major determining factor on whether you go with a repair or replacement. With age comes weather damage and other external factors that put wear on the gate.

Indications Of An Aging Gate

Furthermore, an older gate is likely to be stiffer, slower, and if it’s inconsistent in its performance, you may have unwanted friction causing your system to overwork itself. You may discover parts or elements, such as the gate motor, that have no replacement part available to buy on the market. If the gate maker is no longer making parts and the parts are not available any longer, that could push a gate owner to consider a replacement.

Worn Down Components Gate Repair Or Replacement

How Many Components Are Worn Down

This goes hand-in-hand with age. Certain components of an electric gate are designed to require a replacement after a certain period, such as a gate motor being recommended to be replaced every ten years.

Especially if your gate has not been routinely maintained by a professional, you may discover multiple components on the verge of giving out and each requiring their own repair. If that’s the case and the overall costs of repair are significant enough, you may be encouraged to consider a full gate replacement.

What Material Your Gate Is Made From

A gate made of wood is more likely to benefit from a gate repair than a replacement. It’s at least more cost-effective considering the high price of the material.

That said, if rot has set in on a wooden gate, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of. If wooden planks are broken or cracked and your gate’s security is compromised, that could be a sign a replacement is better.

If the material is aluminum or steel, these also can withstand a lot of abuse over the years and replacing select components that have broken down can be more affordable than buying a whole new gate. A metal gate’s worst enemy, however, is rust. Dents and scratches can be managed but when a component or part of the gate is rusted through, there may not be a repair affordable enough to offer.

A low-quality material or a gate that’s been repurposed from another property may benefit from a full gate replacement.

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Cost Of A Gate Repair V. Replacement

A gate repair expert may suggest ways to upgrade your electric gate or provide a quote for a gate repair that’s overly expensive due to the type of gate you have or the damage done.

In some cases, if a gate has been damaged to near-beyond repair, the cost of repair can be above or comparable to a new gate.

At a certain point, in the estimate process, a gate owner may want to ask about a cost comparison between having their broken gate fixed or simply replacing their gate with something equal in design, lesser, or more advanced.

When You Know A Repair Or Replacement Is The Correct Way To Go

For any number of reasons, a gate repair or replacement may be the better option. From cost-effectiveness to whether the damage is superficial and easily repaired or renders your gate useless, there is a lot to consider.

Have a gate repair expert evaluate the situation. They can advise on how extensive or complex the damage truly is.

In some cases, if the damage is only superficial, you may opt to delay having a repair done. If it is, however, affecting the performance of your gate, scheduling a gate repair is strongly recommended. Avoid the hazards of making the damage worse and more costly, or causing an injury.

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