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Automated Gate Repair

Automated Gate Repair

Automated Gate Maintenance

Automated Gate Maintenance

Gate Automation

Gate Automation

Expert Gate Repair

We have been providing gate repair services throughout Los Angeles for over 20 years. Our experience and dedication along with high customer satisfaction is what makes us one of the best gate repair companies to work with.

Our gate repair services are performed on both residential and commercial gates. These gates include swing gates, sliding gates and even barrier arm gates. We have assembled the right team and equipped them with the most advanced tools so they can perform flawless gate repairs on any gate in Los Angeles.

Why You Might Need Gate Repair

Gate repair services are crucial if you want to ensure that your gate continues to function effectively. There are numerous reasons why you may need gate repair, such as physical damage, wear and tear, or dysfunctional components.

Ignoring these issues can lead to serious consequences, such as security breaches, property damage, or injury to pets or humans. That’s why it’s important to address these problems as soon as possible with professional gate repair.

Our skilled technicians can diagnose any gate issues you may have and suggest the best course of action to repair your gate and keep it functioning correctly. So, if you have a malfunctioning gate, call our team experts for fast and trustworthy gate repair services.

Brands We Work With

InteleGates provides repair and installation of gates and gate automation for the following brands
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Residential Gate Repair

As a homeowner, keeping your property safe and secure is of utmost importance. One aspect of property security that may often be overlooked is the condition of your residential gate.

A gate that is faulty or broken can leave your property vulnerable to unwanted intruders. This is where residential gate repair comes in. By seeking professional repair services, you can ensure that your gate is functioning properly and providing your property with the security it needs.

Additionally, a well-maintained gate can add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. Don’t let a damaged gate compromise the safety of your home – consider investing in residential gate repair services today.

Residential Gate Repair
Commercial Gate Repair

Commercial Gate Repair

As a business owner, the safety and security of your property, staff, and assets are of the utmost importance. That’s why you need to make sure that your commercial gate is functioning properly at all times.

A malfunctioning gate not only puts your property at risk but also the safety of your staff and the security of your valuable assets. A commercial gate repair service can not only fix any issues with your gate but also provide regular inspections and electric gate maintenance to ensure that your gate is always in top working condition.

Keeping your gate well-maintained will provide you with the peace of mind that your business is fully protected.

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Over 20 Years Of Automatic Gate Services

A Gate Repair Company With Over 20 Years of Experience!

Work with Los Angeles’ most experienced gate repair company and keep your residential and commercial properties safe.

What Can Happen If you Don’t Repair Your Gate

Regular electric gate maintenance and repair of your driveway gate might seem like a mundane task, but ignoring it can lead to disastrous consequences.

When you neglect the necessary gate repairs, over time, your gate can become weak and start sagging, causing it to scrape against the ground or nearby structures. The longer you wait to take action, the worse this can get.

Your gate may become increasingly difficult to open or close, or even become completely stuck. Beyond the inconvenience of a broken gate, there are also serious safety concerns to consider.

A broken gate may not only allow unwanted visitors onto your property but also pose a risk to your family or pets. Protect your property and your loved ones by taking the time to properly maintain and repair your driveway gate.

Common Gate Types We Repair

Sliding Gate Repair

Sliding gates are an excellent way to secure your property and provide convenient access for vehicles and pedestrians. These gates work by sliding open and closed along a track to allow entry and exit. However, like all mechanical systems, sliding gates may experience wear and tear and can become faulty.

This is why it’s essential to perform regular sliding gate repair to keep your gate functional and secure. Without proper maintenance, a sliding gate can become stuck or malfunction, leaving your property vulnerable.

A professional sliding gate repair ensures that your gate operates correctly and safely, giving you peace of mind and added security for your property. Don’t let a faulty sliding gate compromise your property’s safety. Contact an expert today for sliding gate repair and keep your property secure.

Sliding Gate Repair
Swing Gate Repair Services

Swing Gate Repair

Swing gates are a popular choice for property owners who want a secure entrance that is both simple and practical. These gates come in a variety of styles and are designed to swing open and closed, making them easy to use for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

However, like any mechanical system, swing gates require regular maintenance and repair to ensure they continue to function properly. Neglecting your swing gate can lead to serious security risks, so it’s crucial to arrange swing gate repair as soon as you notice any issues.

Whether it’s a broken spring, a damaged fence post, or an unresponsive motor, expert repair services can help keep your swing gate working efficiently and securely.

Automatic Gate Services

Electric Gate Repair - InteleGates, Electric Gate Company

Electric Gate Repair

Electric Gate Maintenance  - InteleGates, Electric Gate Company

Gate Maintenance

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Gate Automation

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Service Areas

Electric gate company coverage in Los Angeles and Orange County.

The Benefits of Working with InteleGates

When you choose an experienced electric gate company like InteleGates Inc, you’re getting premium service.

Here’s what you can rely on from our automated gate services:

Over 20 years of experience

For the past 20 years, we have worked with every type of electric gate system. We know all the major gate brands, and all of their problem areas. No matter what automated gate system you have in place, chances are we are familiar with it, its operation, and its weaknesses.

We Pay attention to detail

We do not ever cut corners with your automated gate repair needs. In our line of work, quality is always job one. Our electric gate company is great at diagnosing the problem We take care to make the solution permanent.


We diagnose and correct most electric gate issues and problems more easily than many other automated gate service providers. In most instances, we’ll know exactly what the issue is right away, and how to correct it properly. 

Our Clients Are Important To Us

We strive to keep our customers happy while providing them with security for their homes or businesses. Our gate services have earned us a reputation and our clients’ trust is what sets us apart.

Gate Repair Frequently Asked Questions

How much does gate repair typically cost?

The cost of gate repair can vary depending on various factors such as the type of gate, the extent of damage, and the region. It’s best to give us a call and explain what is happening with your gate.

What are the most common issues that require gate repair?

Some of the most common issues that require gate repair services are:

  • Misaligned or sagging gate
  • Damaged or faulty hinges
  • Broken latches or locks
  • Malfunctioning gate opener
  • Weather damage
  • Faulty motor

How long does electric gate repair take?

After our diagnosis and assessment of 30 minutes we will know and let you know.

Is it worth it to repair my electric gate?

It depends but we will let you know if it will be worth it for you to repair or replace it (it depends on how old it is and what is the problem if it is fixable how much)

Can I attempt to repair my gate myself, or should I hire a professional?

When it comes to repairing your gate, whether you can attempt the repairs yourself or need to hire a professional depends on the complexity of the issue and your own level of expertise. We always recommend giving us a call to prevent further damage to other gate components.

How can I prevent my electric gate from breaking?

Maintenance – we sometimes can detect problems before they happen.

An Electric Gate Company With Over 20 Years of Experience!

For fast, professional and friendly service, call the InteleGates, Inc. team and experience the difference!

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