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Gate Security & Repair During COVID-19

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Gate security is an understandable concept. After all, any resident of Los Angeles wants to feel safe. This is especially true during a pandemic. You want to know that the entrance of your home is well-guarded, or at least only available to family and friends.

Now is a good time to check up on your gate security. Lockdowns and less social outings don’t change the fact that other concerns, like theft or harassment, are still something to consider. That’s not to say that these concerns are constant, but rather that you should be prepared just in case. A good security evaluation is just a smart thing to do.

One more thing: gate security evaluation doesn’t just apply to homeowners. Faulty gate security can hurt the people who run DIY businesses or otherwise in Santa Monica and Orange County.

Why Gate Security Repairs are Necessary

Although your automated gates may appear fine on the surface, you never know how wear and tear affect interior mechanics. For this reason alone, you should schedule an evaluation, especially if you haven’t since the gate’s original installation.

Another reason to schedule a gate security evaluation is to check for upgrade options. Does your model have an outdated accessory? Checking in with a repair specialist at InteleGates will let you know right away. Our friendly employees know the tech. They can help you pick out the best updated accessories to fit your gates.

What Happens if You Need Repairs?

Once an evaluation is complete, there is a chance that repairs might be necessary. The gate security specialist will carefully inspect your model, whether it’s lifting, sliding, or any other gate type. InteleGates is an authorized dealer with LiftMaster, DoorKing, and Linear.

Essentially, the build and style don’t matter. InteleGates employees are equipped to assess the problem and then offer you several options for repair. Ultimately, your security is a priority to us. We service most major brands, including BFT and Ramset. Don’t be worried if your brand is old or obscure—repairs can still be done.

Gate Security Repair: Home or Commercial

As previously stated, the best gate security is a concern for commercial businesses as much as it is for families. Both want the same thing: to protect what’s valuable to them. As a result, a security evaluation should be scheduled regularly to avoid break-ins.

Today’s smart technology allows remote gate controls and surveillance to cover small to large properties. This means all the convenience and control of deliveries. Any unwanted visitors will be kept at bay, which is unfortunately vital during a pandemic.

How to Get a Quality Gate Security Evaluation

InteleGates approaches our clients with the same knowledge and care. While your system might be more or less complicated—for example, a warehouse versus a one-floor home—the end results of our services should be the same: your safety and satisfaction.

For preparation, our automated gate company security experts rely on a history of varied clients and locations to best address a job. We offer long-term maintenance for anyone living or operating in Santa Monica and Orange County locations. Ask us how we can best serve your needs, family, business, or both. Get an evaluation today and protect what’s yours whether times are tough or easy.

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