Electric Gate Repair

Automating, Repairing and Maintaining Gates In Los Angeles For Over A Decade

Take the Guesswork Out of Electric Gate Repair and Maintenance

We take great pride in our ability to diagnose the issue you are experiencing with your electric entry gate system.  There’s no guesswork, and no tinkering around.  Our methodical, step-by-step analysis will have the problem figured out, and the solution ready, so that your gate is back in proper working order again, as quickly as possible.  We are expert at diagnosing issues with all types or automated and electric gate systems.  Along the way, we’ll also identify any maintenance items which may be required, so that you get maximum value from the service call.  So, you can be assured, we take the guesswork out of electric gate repair, and get the job done right.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in the area of electric repair is so well known and respected, that we frequently get calls from other local gate repair services, asking for our assistance.  They know that we have the answers, after so many years in the electric gate repair business, we can usually “feel” a problem other technicians struggle to identify.  That’s our reputation at work – we are in tune with all types of electric gate brands and makes. No reason to look anywhere else.

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Automated Gate Repair

We repair, maintain and automate all gates. Check out all of our services

Automated Gate Maintenance

We provide regular gates maintenance services to ensure smooth operation

Gate Automation

We install and repair most major brands of gate electronics and automation.

Electric and Electronics Issues with Your Entry Gate

We are fully qualified to do electrical and electronics repairs to your entry gate. We have a tremendous amount of experience in all types of electrical gate operations, including:

  • Faulty sensors
  • Faulty wiring, or worn connections
  • Remote control and key card issues
  • Other electronics concerns

If you are experiencing electrical or electronics-related issues with your entry gate, call us first.  Chances are, we will be able to identify the problem as you describe it to us. We are that knowledgeable and confident of our ability to service your gate system’s electrical needs.

Types, Makes and Brands of Entry Gates We Can Repair

We know them all. Whether yours is a single gate, a double gate, a lifting gate, or a sliding gate, we are expert in all their workings. We’ve worked with all the major brands; and even if you don’t know the type or brand of gate, call us anyway. We know we can fix it. Popular brands include:

  • Liftmaster, Elite (SL-3000, CSW-200, Miracle One, Actuators overhead, Hercules)
  • DoorKing swing, slide, barrier arm for parking entry/exit
  • Viking swing, slide
  • Eagle swing, slide
  • Ramset swing, slide
  • Sentex
  • Miracle One
  • BFT
  • Viking Access Systems
  • DKS DoorKing
  • Chamberlain
    Again, don’t worry if you don’t know your brand, or don’t see it on this list – call us anyway. We’re pretty sure we can help fix it. We can also help with inverters and battery back up to all operators. Your gate is in good hands with us.

Inverters/ Battery Backup to ALL operators.

Why Choose Us for Your Electric Entry Gate Repairs

There are a lot of reasons why you should entrust your electric gate repair needs to us. Most importantly, we’re here to provide the best possible service in this highly specialized field. Your home, business or property deserves the best. We know we can supply the type of high-quality electric gate repairs and maintenance you’ll want. Additionally, choose us for your gate repairs for our:

Efficient Electric Gate Repairs

Our approach is a smooth and efficient one, designed to get your electric gate system back in good working order as quickly as possible. We can look after your small gate issues before they turn into bigger, more expensive, and disruptive problems. Our expertise and attention to detail mean that your gate gets the best possible service. We’ll respond in a timely fashion, and get the job done quickly and right, the first time around. That’s efficiency.

Commitment to Quality

We never cut corners. Our best effort goes into every electric gate repair we do. We know your gate system is a precision mechanism that requires care and expertise. While there may be other services out there that claim to be fast and good, beware the quality of their work; we know this from experience. Many customers have contacted us after a failed repair done by someone else. We believe in permanent, long-lasting repairs and maintenance; we know that cutting a corner somewhere can lead to a bigger, more expensive issue down the road. We believe in getting it right the first time and earning the customer’s trust. No skipped steps, no band aid fixes. We put your needs first.

20 Years of Experience

When you call us for your electric gate repair, you get our 20-plus years of experience in repair and maintenance of all makes and brands of gate. Every technician we send out is highly trained, highly experienced, and confident in their abilities – and so are we. Your entry gate system is in good hands with us – let our abilities and commitment to quality surprise you and delight you – because that’s the attitude that goes into every one of our service calls. Over the last 20 years, we think we’ve seen it all.

We Know Electric Gate Technology

The fact is that automated and electric entry gate technology has changed and evolved over the last two decades, and we have kept up. We stay on top of all the latest innovations, but also remain expert in all the older systems. That way, you can rest easy, knowing that no matter what type of gate system you have, we can handle it efficiently and promptly. We can identify problems with the very latest electronically controlled gate systems; we’ll be able to advise you on what the issue is, and we can fix it, too. If you need upgrades to your electric gates, we can help with that as well. If it can’t be done, we will tell you that also. So, you can rely on us for all the technical aspects of every electric gate system out there, including yours.

Your Satisfaction is Important to Us

We are in the electric gate repair business, and nothing matters more to us than your 100% satisfaction with our work. We’ll go out of our way to ensure you are a satisfied customer because we want to keep you for the long term. If there’s ever an issue with work we have done for you, simply contact us right away. We will do what it takes to make it right. That’s our pledge to you.

If you’re in need of an electric gate repair for your home, business, or property, contact us now

We serve our loyal customers in Los Angeles and Orange County.  We are ready, with our expertise, technicians, and tools – to get the job done right.  We understand how important your security is.  We know how vulnerable you may feel without a properly functioning gate, and we also understand the inconvenience.  Let us address the issue now.  Our team is ready to help with quality, reliable electric gate repairs. Call us!

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