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Home Protection in Orange County

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Home protection is and has always been a concern, no matter where a person is in their life: old or young, alone or with a family. Just like the need for food or water, protection against intruders is paramount to a person’s survival and wellbeing. In Orange County, the beautiful weather and history that shines off every surface might be misleading. Make no mistake: even the best places to live still have their fair share of safety concerns. 

For the best home protection, InteleGates installs, repairs, and maintains automated gates for both commercial and residential properties. We have our own history of providing Los Angeles residents with electric gate upgrades and replacement parts. Over the years, the gate automation industry has benefited from mobile software advancements and better, longer-lasting builds. If you have never had a gate automation system for your home or business, consider the benefits that keep your belongings and family members safe.

Know Who is Inside Your Property

Home safety is, at its core, built on the concept that we know who is inside with us. Being surrounded by strangers in a public place is one thing, but having a stranger in the home is another. Of course, being indoors with family and friends gives us a feeling of security, whereas sharing a small space with the unknown is much less comfortable. And in the case of most intruder situations, the victim might not know there is someone inside. This is why home protection requires information, specifically who is inside and who is not.

An automated gate helps you keep tabs on who has access to your space. Electric gates operate with the use of various technologies and products that put the proverbial key in your hands and your hands alone. Entry codes are a safe way to know who has access to your property. These can be distributed among your trusted circle, with team leaders at work or the oldest sibling being able to enter the premises when needed. On the opposite side of the equation, no one else can enter without the codes. You will have better peace of mind knowing that you have control over who is allowed inside.

Home Protection with Entry Systems

For gate automation to be fully utilized, an owner can have an entry control system installed. Most of these will work with various brand-name gates. Our technicians can install phone entry systems that require the guest to reach out so you can confirm their identity before allowing them to enter. We can also set your smartphone up with mobile software that allows you to open gates without being on location. 

InteleGates’s Home Protection for Orange County

The benefits of gate automation include keeping your belongings and family members safe. Of course, there will always be cases of vandals breaking into Los Angeles residences, but a secure front keeps those chances much lower. InteleGates can hook you up with the latest in gate automation. 

With a strong sliding gate protecting your property, you will always have a heads-up on the status of your home protection. Or, if you have an electric gate that does not respond like it used to, reach out to our maintenance crew. Our specialists can make gate automation respond as it should, no matter what brand or style your gate is. Commercial or residential, contact us and we can help improve your home protection. 

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