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How a Fob System Works

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In LA, automated gate fob systems are a popular addition to security. These remote controls serve both home and commercial properties. In simplistic terms, key fobs and clickers are in demand because they allow automated gates to open the same way a good garage door does: easily.

InteleGates can add or upgrade a fob system for your residential or commercial properties. Thanks to modern innovations, equipping automated gates with this accessory isn’t a time-consuming process. Stick with us, and you’ll have a working system in no time.

Fob System Portability

One reason for its popularity is the portability a fob system allows. After all, most people keep their clickers on keychains or in purses. As a result, you can access your property without leaving your car.

However, this all depends on whether or not your automated gate is equipped with a fob system. After all, you might have decided on manual entry instead, possibly due to installation costs. While understandable, the convenience of a fob system provides is worth the expense.

One solution is to find the right services to do the job—a team of experienced installers that can give you quality work at affordable rates. InteleGates is that service, with over a decade of experience in the California region. Try our services and you won’t ever need to go anywhere else. These are luxuries you can afford thanks to InteleGates and the best installation team in the area.

Fob Alternatives

If you live in Santa Monica or Orange County and you’re not sold on fob systems, there are other types of remote gate controls. For example, gate buzzers allow immediate visitor entry via the simple push of a button. With this installation, you can open the gate from inside the premises, which boosts safety and convenience capabilities.

Similar to keypads and fobs, telephone entry systems allow you to open and close automated gates nearby or far away. On top of a dynamic range, a telephone entry system can be combined with other options, such as keypads and entry cards. Even more impressive, you can grant access to visitors and delivery drivers by using your mobile phone or tablet to trigger your automated gates. Our mobile software is constantly updated to be perfectly optimized for your devices.

We offer any of California’s local companies and residents quality services. It doesn’t matter what your gate brand is, either. You can rely on us to install any additional gate accessories you need. InteleGates is a provider of gate ingenuity.

A Fob System Works for You, & So Do We

We are an authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, and LiftMaster. For any automated gate services question, InteleGates has the answers. We are your one-stop shop for fob system installations and automated gate repairs.

Also, if you ever experience problems with a pre-installed fob system, we can provide repair solutions. Our team is equipped to troubleshoot and fix any automated gate problems. For anyone interested, we offer estimates on every job. Rest assured, InteleGates will provide you with quality-but-affordable services.

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