How Do Automatic Gates Work

To buy and use an automatic gate, you don’t necessarily need to understand the ins and outs of how they function.

How automatic gates work though is not that complex. All they require is the design of the gate itself combined with a motor and some sort of remote to send a signal to the receiver.

If this is the first automatic gate you’ve owned, you’re in for a real treat. These are advanced designs with safety mechanisms to prevent the gate from accidentally crushing your vehicle or causing an injury and with the capability to allow you to approve/deny entry from your smartphone remotely.

This is an in-depth look at how automatic gates work.

Automatic Gate Basics

There are two types of gates. A swing gate rotates on hinges at the gate post. A sliding gate is run on a track. When either type of gate is converted or upgraded into an automatic gate, it is paired with an electric motor to operate the gate without human assistance. With this motor, you also have additional options such as different types of remote controls, the option to solar power your gate, and a range of settings as it pertains to open/close.

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Purpose Of An Automatic Gate In Security

Why automatic gates are used in security for industrial, commercial, and residential properties is because not only do they look nice but they deter criminal activity. They create a look of protection and make it look like breaking in somewhere is going to be difficult. Thieves don’t want difficult. They want easy. Knowing an automatic gate may be equipped with a camera and sensors only adds to the security. In terms of gate technology, there is nothing better than a fully outfitted automatic gate.

Do I Need An Automatic Gate?

With a manual gate, you have to drive up, stop, get out of your car, open the gate, and drive through. Then, you stop, get out of your car again, close the gate, get back in your car, and are on your way.

Compare that to an automatic gate where it’s as simple as pressing a button to have the gate open and automatically close after the vehicle has passed through.

Understandably, the vast majority of driveway gates today are automatic gates. They have been used for decades on commercial and residential properties, enhancing security and ease-of-use in ways that manual gates can’t compare to.

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Automatic Gates Can Be Programmed And They Come With Features!

Beyond the basics of automatic gates, there are lots of ways to customize yours based on the type of use you prefer.

It can work using sensors, magnets, or a pin code. Automatic gates can be programmed to accommodate pedestrian access or to be used with voice control. You can add two-way communication and video if you know you’re not going to be at home fairly regularly. WiFi integration or GPS is an option. There are physical remotes and fobs you can carry as well as the potential for some automatic gates to be operated from your smartphone.

More features include obstacle sensors, timed movements, and customization options that make the gate work exactly how you want.

It’s also possible to solar power your automatic gate. Truth be told, they do not require a lot of power to operate. Low-voltage gates, in fact, are fairly common and, with that, solar energy can be used to operate them.

Is It Hard To Operate An Automatic Gate?

An automatic gate is not complex. The most difficult part about an automatic gate is the installation or upgrade.

For any sort of automatic gate upgrade or repair work, always rely on the help of a professional. If the installation is done incorrectly, you can permanently damage your gate and risk having to pay more to figure out a fix.

After it is properly installed, however, how to work an automatic gate should be straightforward. A gate technician will show you everything you need to know about how to open the electric gate, how to close it, and more.

Are Automatic Gates Easy To Use How Automatic Gates Work

How Often Automatic Gates Require Maintenance

It should be extremely rare that you have to call an automatic gate repair technician because of a break-down.

How to avoid that is to schedule annual gate maintenance. A gate technician comes by your property and makes sure everything is in working order, from oiling up the mechanics to identifying any problematic areas that may come from everyday use.

Your automatic gate should not require this type of visit more than once every year and scheduling can save you from having to pay for an emergency technician visit due to a problem with your gate not opening or closing.

How Do Automatic Gate Sensors Work?

Automatic gates use sensors in a big way. These sensors are typically on both sides of the gate, using lasers to detect obstructions.

As an object breaks the laser beam from the parent sensor to the reflector, the gate can be programmed to open, close, or stop depending on how it’s calibrated and the nature of the object breaking the laser. For example, an infrared beam is often used to detect obstructions in the path of the gate opening or closing, sending an alarm to the operator to pause. This prevents harm to human beings, animals, and/or debris getting caught in the gate.

Automatic gates and their sensors will continue working no matter how much rain is out there, how bad the winds are, and whether there’s a snowstorm or not. Automatic gates can withstand extreme temperatures and humidity as well.

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Add Automatic Gates To Your Property With Security Experts At InteleGates

Automatic gates are an excellent addition to your security arsenal, offering unparalleled protection and privacy.

How automatic gates work is fairly simple. Most gate owners never experience an issue thanks to having an annual maintenance plan catching would-be trouble before it arises. After your gate is installed and the access control system is activated, you’re good to go!

To upgrade your gates to automatic gates or to complete an automatic gate installation, or to get set up with annual gate maintenance, contact the security experts at InteleGates. We can outfit your property with a premium-grade gate, equipped with the features you want. A skilled technician will make sure that everything is properly calibrated for you.

Reach out to InteleGates today to speak about your security needs and learn more about how automatic gates can benefit you.

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