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How to Open Electronic Gates Manually

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How long has it been since you installed electronic gates for your home or business? Once wear and tear takes away that electronic ease, you might have to resort to manual action to get back into your place of residence or work. In case of a malfunction, you need to weigh your best DIY options. This could mean forceful actions or ingenuity to work around the electronics. Here are a few suggestions to try when your electronic gates fail to open as they should.

If Your Remote Clickers Fail 

Fob clickers can be notoriously difficult to replace if they cease to work. If they require batteries, try checking those first to see if they’re replaceable. If not, dig up an old fob to see if it is re-programmable. A temporary fix would be to unscrew and remove the hinges on your electronic gates. Set them aside until you decide a course of action to fix the issue. Perhaps your electronic gates came with an extra fob that you put away in the garage?

If Your Control Panel Malfunctions

You don’t want to risk the chance of electrocution if you’re inexperienced with wiring layouts. It’s possible your electronic gate could be damaged beyond repair if you tinker with it. The best you can do in an unresponsive control panel situation is to kill the power source, then manually look—without touching—for surface wire damage caused by rodents. If you can spot chewed-up wires, use of electrical tape and soldering gun repair might be an option (again, be sure all the power is off!). At the very least you’ll be able to point an electrician in the right direction once you discover where the damage is, so the gates can swing freely once again.

If the Auto Sensors Quit

In the Los Angeles and Orange County area, sensor failure can occur following earthquakes or general bad weather. When this happens, you can partially test the open sensors on foot to see how the gates respond. Take note of their reactions (or lack thereof). If the sensors are above ground, you might be able to relocate and switch them out, depending on how they’re mounted. However, both above and below ground sensors are vital for prime electronic gate security, and any faulty equipment basically renders your gates useless. If your system isn’t up to par, you might consider trying out our 5 star customer services for an upgrade estimate.

If the Problem Isn’t Obvious

When something is wrong with your electronic gates, but you can’t determine the source, what do you do? You are at the mercy of the unknown, so you’ll have to try a bit of guesswork. This takes patience, as you will need to check for uncommon problems. Debris can clog sprackets, and roller wheels might give out. Try creating a rope system to operate the gates. For example, tie rope around the front corners, then wrap them around the hinge areas. If run without interruption, a quick pull will swing both sides open for entry. This isn’t a long-term solution, but it works in a pinch. Whatever the problem is, InteleGates has your back if you need assistance.

If You Don’t Have Time to Waste

With over 20 years of experience, we’ll make sure you won’t have to resort to DIY solutions when it comes to electronic gates. Over the years, we have worked to eliminate common problems, as well as adding quality of life improvements for electronic gate safety. If you have experienced electronic gates misbehaving or not responding to commands, our installation options will give you the comfortable control and security you deserve. Our automated electronic gates can detect proximity and meet your safety needs. State of the art buzzers and a telephone entry system create a non-hassle environment for your stomping grounds, whether you’re home, or out on the road. Regardless of the situation, you can always call us for support.

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