How To Reset An Automatic Gate

If your electric gate is suddenly experiencing hiccups in its operation, or if the gate is not opening or closing properly, it’s indicative of a failure in the electronics of some kind. This is where resetting an automatic gate may come in handy. If you are not comfortable performing a reset on your own, our electric gate maintenance and electric gate repair teams can surely assist you.

It could stem from a power surge or disconnection having occurred. It could be a loss of data or a loss of presets due to an electricity shortage. A reset, in many cases, reconfigures an automatic gate to its prior functioning, hopefully avoiding any sort of electric gate repair that would otherwise have to be done.

In some cases, a reset is easy to do and in others, the entire control unit may require recalibration and reprogramming.

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Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reset an automatic gate, no matter the brand or type of electric gate you own.

Determine If Resetting Your Automatic Gate Is Necessary

A reset is only necessary when there is something interfering with a gate’s normal operation that is not immediately visible. Check around the gate for obstructions and signs of obvious wear-and-tear or damage.

If the cause of an automatic gate not moving is due to a broken hinge, an improperly positioned rack, or a damaged gate wheel, resetting the system is not going to do much of anything.

Assuming there is no discernible cause for why your automatic gate is not functioning, then a resent makes sense.

Try Your Remote First To Verify It’s Not A Non-Gate Issue

If your remote is not working properly or it’s an issue with your smartphone or fob, start there with your reset.

Assuming you can open your electric gate by the keypad, intercom, or control panel, swap out the batteries for your remote.

If your remote or fob still does not work, it could be an issue with the remote control receiver. Proceed with a reset.

Try Gate Remote Before Resetting Your Electric Gate

What Happens When You Reset An Automatic Gate

When you reset an automatic gate, you are reverting it back to the factory parameters of the control board. If the current parameters are tailored to a unique operation, those settings will be lost with a reset but can be reprogrammed after the fact.

Access Your Control Board

Use a screwdriver to take the screws out of the front panel. Then, take off the cover to reveal the control board.

Inspect Your Control Board For Error Codes

Some control boards may display an error code on the diagnostic display. An error code can be extremely helpful. Look inside the housing of the main control panel to see if there is anything indicated.

The code given can then be looked up in your user manual. If you’re lucky, a manual reset may clear this code and restore function.

Press Down The Correct Buttons At The Same Time

To complete a hard reset, all you have to do is, first, determine what type of control board you have.

Most boards will include instructions on how to do a factory reset. In the majority of cases, it’s pressing and holding down two buttons, typically the programming button and then a channel button, for 10-15 seconds.

There may be one or more light indicators on the control board that will flash in red for a moment as you’re doing this. After you release the buttons, the LED indicators should restore themselves to green, akin to rebooting an Internet modem.

How To Reset Automatic Gates Reset Button

If There Are No Buttons, Check For A Reset/Disconnect Switch

Some gate systems have a much more straightforward way to reset the electric gate than unmarked buttons.

Your gate may have a reset switch. Most modern automated gates do. This switch would usually be quite large and located on the front of the operator. Toggle the switch to the indicated setting that says ”reset” or ”disconnect”. Wait 1-2 minutes. Then, return the switch to its original position.

Try To Open And Close Your Electric Gate

After you wait a few minutes for the reset to complete, try to open and then close your automatic gate. If it works, congrats!

If your automatic gate is still experiencing some trouble, move on to the next troubleshooting step.

Check The Gate Control Panel Internal Fuses

If you notice your gate has no electricity whatsoever and a reset isn’t happening, it could be an issue with the fuses.

Before checking to see if any fuses have blown, switch the power off to the gate first. This is key. If you do not know how to do this, don’t proceed without an automatic gate technician. The power needs to be all the way off.

After switching off the power, open the control panel.

Look at the labeled fuses in the main circuit board. Look at the glass fuses. If you see a fine silver wire inside, it’s a sign the fuse has not blown. If a fuse has blown, check for replacements in the control panel housing.

Also, ensure the fuse you’re putting in has the same rating as the prior one. From there, switch the power back on and try to reset the gate again.

Reset Automatic Gates Check Control Panel Fuses

Reprogram Your Gate According To Your Customizations

If your gate is now working correctly after a reset, to enjoy the same custom settings you had before, program it. For this, look to the buttons on your control panel.

Press the first button. It should bring up a program, such as P1. Use the second button to select the corresponding number for the program.

As you may notice, on your control panel or cover, there may be programs written out for you. These programming numbers are to be re-entered into your gate after a reset, going from P1 to P2, P3, P4, and onwards.

Contact A Gate Repair Technician For More Information

If you have tried to reset an automatic gate and it has not worked, and/or if other problems persist, InteleGates can help.

We can run checks to identify precisely what the issue is and provide you guidance on what the next steps should be to fix it.

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From gate repair to gate maintenance, InteleGates does it all. How to reset an automatic gate is, fortunately, straightforward. With any luck, that does the trick. But if it doesn’t, just give us a call and we’re there. No worries. No hassle. We have advanced troubleshooting resources and years of experience solving all sorts of automatic gate repair trouble with a wide array of different gate types and brands.

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