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How to Teach Your Children About Gate Safety

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Automated gates surrounding your property are beneficial for many reasons. Not only are they easier to operate, but they also can increase the value of your property. When it comes to automatic gates, homeowners have many choices about entry options. From cards to codes to remote controls to telephone systems, it’s essential to pick out an access entry method that works for your family and your property. If you have children at home, there are a few additional things to consider regarding gate safety. Go over the rules with your children and revisit them frequently to ensure they fully understand.

Stay Away While the Gates are Opening and Closing

First, explain to your children the importance of staying away from the gates while they are opening and closing. Let them know that when the gates are opening and closing, it can be dangerous. They could be injured by the mechanics of the gate or an entering or exiting vehicle not expecting children to be around the gate. To further ensure safety, give your kids a designated spot to stand while the gates open and close. For example, if they are playing outside and the gates are opening, have them wait on the porch or by the tree, or wherever makes sense to keep them safe.

Do Not Operate the Gate Without an Adult

Children should never operate a gate without an adult present. This rule is extremely important. Kids should not be touching the gate, pressing entry buttons, etc., as this could lead to an injury.

Don’t Buzz Someone in If You Don’t Recognize Them

If your kids are older, make sure they understand never to buzz someone into the gate without knowing exactly who they are first. This rule ensures that only designated and known guests are entering your family’s property. If your child is ever unsure about who is at the gate, tell them to ask an adult first before buzzing that person in.

Don’t Share the Code!

If your automatic gate uses code entry, tell your child that the code is a secret. Make sure they never share the code with anyone, even their trusted friends. Explain that the gate keeps the family safe and that it is essential that the entry code is not shared in order to keep out intruders.

Working with an automated gate company to surround your family’s home is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home and increase the property’s value. If you have children, there are a few extra steps to take to ensure gate safety. The key is repeating these rules on a consistent basis to make sure they are understood. At InteleGates, we install, maintain, and repair automated gates at residential properties. For more information about gate safety and our services, contact InteleGates today.

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