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Living with Pets and the Benefits of Automated Gates

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When homeowners decide to put a gate around their property, they have the choice of going with a manual gate or with automated gate services. Working with an automated gate company is the better choice for many reasons. From better security to increasing the value of your property, many homeowners are installing automatic gates around their property. Did you know that automated gates also benefit those living with pets? If you have a dog, cat, or other type of animal that likes to roam your yard, read on to learn how automated gates can help keep your pet safe.

Increased Safety 

First, automated gates help keep pets in the yard while keeping intruders out of the yard. Let your animal run free without having to worry about them getting out of the yard or someone coming onto your property and taking them. With an automated gate, you never have to worry about the gate door blowing open. The gates are firmly latched, and you have control over when they open and close. Let your pet off their leash and allow them enjoy the sweet smells of freedom!

Sensors to Protect Pets

Automated gates have built-in sensors to ensure that they don’t close on people, cars, or pets. Rest assured that if your pet is outside and someone opens the gate, it won’t suddenly close on your pet. Parents and pet mom and dads alike fear their babies running toward an open gate only to be somehow shut between as it closes. What a scary image! Fortunately, automated gates with sensors keep both your kids and fur babies safe from injury. 

Gate Automation is Helpful for Dog Walkers

Hiring a dog walker is easier now than ever! With apps like Rover and Wag, simply search for a dog walker in your area and set up walk times. The only problem is, how will they get through your gate? Fortunately, automated gates have many different entry options that allow your dog walker to get through easily. Check out your choices:

  • Entry cards: Entry card systems are common at apartment or condo complexes but can work at residential homes as well. Provide your dog walker with a card that they can use to open the gate when they arrive.
  • Keypads: Keypads are one of the most straightforward gate entry systems. Simply give your dog walker a unique code to punch in upon arrival.
  • Remote controls: Like a garage door opener, all you do is press a button on a remote control to open the gate. Pet owners can give a remote control to their dog walker to use when they arrive for walks.
  • Fob system: A fob system is similar to a remote control, except the button is on a small device that can be placed on a keychain. Your dog walker can easily keep the fob on their keys for easy access when they come over for walks. 
  • Telephone entry system: Check out who is at the gate and grant access via the telephone entry system.
  • Gate buzzer: When your dog walker arrives, they will press the buzzer to let you know that they are there to walk the dog. Once you give them permission, the automated gates will open.

Gate Automation with InteleGates

When deciding what type of gate to get, don’t forget to consider the benefits gate automation provides for your pet! Increased safety, sensors to avoid accidents, and ease of access for dog walkers are a few of the many reasons an automatic gate is a perfect solution for pet owners. For more information about gate installation and repairs in Los Angeles and Orange County, contact InteleGates today.

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