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Local Gate Automation In Newport Beach, CA

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Gate automation is available for any Newport Beach resident, which means you have an opportunity to improve your home’s or business’s security. InteleGates uses streamlined technology that accommodates faithful entry and exit standards that past generations relied on.

In many ways, this is no-hassle technology. If your electric driveway gate stops working the same weekend that you host a bridal shower, a repair specialist can replace the motor in no time. You won’t have to cancel plans or try and find someone to rebuild it from the ground up before the company arrives. Automation is reliable and convenient for your schedule: school, work, delivery drivers, and other frequent uses.

With gate automation, you have the following perks: repair/installation eligibility, support with a game plan, and local access for any upgrades or questions. While automation’s inner workings are complicated, they feature simple remote gate controls that family members, employees, or guests can easily figure out.

Gate Automation Eligibility

Gate models that swing, slide, or operate in other ways are all eligible for automation. InteleGates is an authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, and LiftMaster, so we have the means to install, repair, and maintain your mainline security. For an idea of our versatility, here are some of the gates we work with on a regular basis:

  • Eagle
  • Ramset
  • Miracle One
  • Viking Access Systems
  • Sentex
  • Chamberlain

Don’t be alarmed if your current brand isn’t listed. Even if it’s an obscure name, we can still apply our techniques. Like any of our services, if you have questions, we are more than happy to answer them.

Older gate setups are also eligible. If you are hesitant to upgrade to gate automation, we offer estimates on every job. A Newport Beach resident has access to our services any time an emergency pops up, including slow gate mechanics or unresponsive movement sensors.

Our specialists have learned how to work with many brands and layouts over the years, so you won’t have to wait for us to give you a “yes” or “no” while charging you fees. Our teams arrive with a game plan.

Gate Automation Game Plan

For a successful repair job, our specialists will investigate what might be the cause of the problem you’re experiencing. Our signature inspection process is known as the “12 Point Inspection.” This process allows us to identify common gate problems, along with any outlier issues that tend to be more complicated.

After all, larger gate problems can be stopped at an earlier stage if discovered in time. If they go unnoticed, chances are they will cause expensive damage that’s much more difficult to fix. Our inspection process is designed to catch early signs of gate damage. This way, we can fix those problems right away before they develop into a money pit. With a game plan, you can avoid sidelining everyone who needs to use the gate.

Local Gate Automation for You

Following a gate automation installation, regular gate maintenance will ensure that your setup stays secure. Thanks to regular check-ups, you’ll know how your automated gates are holding up. We care about our customers and expect them to hold us to high standards.

You can rely on us to install any addition you need. InteleGates is a automated gate company for any commercial and residential property in the Los Angeles area, and Newport Beach locals can drop by the site or call us at (833) 468 4283.

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