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My Electric Gate Won’t Open: What Now?

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What happens if you’re in a hurry and your electric gate doesn’t respond? Manual opening options might allow you to put the problem on the shelf, but you’re in trouble if your setup blocks you in. It can be challenging to determine a course of action if you’ve never had to call for gate repair before, so what do you do first?

In the event of non-responsive gates, you’ll want to reevaluate your setup. For starters, check to see what your control options are. Did your installation include remote access software? What about keypad options? The answer might be “yes,” but all the parts might not be functioning as intended.

Electric Gate Accessories

Gate access control systems are meant to increase convenience, along with offering an alternative to manual opening methods. Reliable software can be installed on mobile phones for this purpose. Login information can be shared with your family and friends to prevent unwanted visitors. This is a popular form of remote access for electric gates because most family members own a mobile device.

Other devices include telephone entry systems that let you speak with visitors before allowing entry. InteleGates employees are well-versed in this type of remote access, so if your gate doesn’t open then they’ll know what to do. Our technicians can make a quick evaluation of the problem. They’ll either replace the unresponsive system or swap out individual parts. We always strive to give you the best option for your budget.

Electric Gate Repairs

Gate repair is sometimes necessary to make your setup whole again. Homeowners and businesses might be tempted to do the repairs themselves, but there’s always the danger of live wires and physical injury – not to mention the costs of a repair attempt gone wrong.

When an electric gate refuses to open, you should consult with a repair technician. The model or style of a gate—swinging, raising, etc.—should make no difference. InteleGates services both name brands and lesser-known types. Determining the root cause of a malfunction is better left to the professionals who have dealt with these situations before. This way, your safety and that of your family remains intact. We can work with your budget to get those gates functioning once again.

Sensors and Other Features

Electronic gates use both above- and underground sensors to determine the placement of vehicles, people, and pets. The Los Angeles and Orange County areas are full of all three, so it makes sense that you need working sensors to accommodate the ones who are family.

Faulty sensors can cause your electric gates to be slow or unresponsive. This could be one reason your gates won’t open, and figuring out where each sensor is might prove to be a headache. In this situation, let InteleGates carry the weight. We have a modern toolset that lets us pinpoint sensors. This applies to any of your electrical problems—our specialists know automated gate rigs and where to look so you don’t have to. We can work with your insurance company to help you organize a financial plan. Once this is done, then we can fix your problem ASAP.

Open the Gates Wide

Rest assured, your electric gates will be back to normal before you know it. They can be even better if you’re interested in upgrading your access, like adding our modern smart card reader system. Known parties and package delivery drivers will have easy access if you want them to. Touchscreen add-ons can be programmed to your taste. At InteleGates, we have the know-how, so let us work for you.

Make a hassle-free environment for your family or employees. Don’t be at the mercy of a non-working gate. If you are in California, then ask about affordable gate repair today. We’ll let you in right away.

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