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Orange County Automatic Gate Operators

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Automatic gate operators allow Orange County residents to make a beeline from one place to another. For swing or slide gate owners, having great controls is a necessary accessory. After all, why would you want manual operation when you can click a button from the safety of your car?

California’s local companies and citizens can rely on automatic gate operators to give them the intended features, but there are side perks as well. Basically, you get carry-convenience and a way to help pinpoint maintenance issues whenever you equip your gates with automation. There is no drawback to good gate innovation.


Automatic gate operators give the user carry-convenience. This means you can carry a remote with you as you travel between errands, night classes, or just social events. Once you’re approaching your business or home property, simply press a button and you’re in (or out).

Automatic gate operators are meant to be fast and simple, needing the same effort that you would use to open an ordinary garage door. “Fast and simple” means having access to your gate controls wherever you happen to be. This applies to your friends, family, employees, or anyone else that you trust.

InteleGates is a provider of gate entry ease for commercial and residential properties in your LA location. We can equip your gates with the best automation out there, and you’ll have a smooth operation before you know it.

Troubleshooting with Automatic Gate Operators

On top of carry-convenience, these control options can help you monitor your gate responses. When equipped with an automatic gate operator, you’ll know right away if you have a problem. For instance, a button click with no response means you need to check either the batteries or software.

Once checked, if the problem persists, then chances are you need professional maintenance service for something below the surface. Common automated gate problems include mechanism failure. As strange as it might seem, insects can invade the cracks and openings of your gates and clog up things. This is difficult to detect, since many of these bugs are so small. Without a professional maintenance service, it can be tough to clean your mechanisms out and get back to 100% operation.

InteleGates knows about bugs. While you won’t have to worry about mobile software bugs, a real-life invasion is one of the first things we look for once your automatic gate operators are eliminated as the problem. When these tiny insects get into your gate’s mechanisms, they can make your gates slow down or worse—stop working. No matter how many times you click the buttons, you’ll need a repair specialist to clear your gates out.

Squeaky Gate Maintenance

Even with the best automatic gate operators, it’s important to make sure that your automated gates are properly lubricated every six months. Typically, some gate owners neglect to do so. This leads to expensive gear and track damage.

InteleGates can provide a six-month maintenance service that lets you go on about your business. Let our friendly employees attend to your automated gates so you can go back to the ease that automatic gate operators provide. We can make sure that your gates have the proper amount of lubrication when they need it.

In the Event of Automatic Gate Operator Failure

While automatic gate operators typically stand the test of time, the occasional problem is bound to happen. InteleGates believes in keeping automated gate inconveniences away from your daily life. Our installation specialists can inspect your gate and its accessories. If issues are not readily apparent, they can use the process of elimination to figure out the problem.

Consider hiring this authorized dealer of DoorKing, Linear, and LiftMaster. In the event of any automated gate failure, we can provide repair solutions. Even better, with timed maintenance, we can prevent these failures from ever happening.

Since you are our priority, we offer estimates on every job. Simply put, if you need diagnostics and repairs for known or unknown gate problems, InteleGates is ready to send the best help available.

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