Door King Telephone Entry System 1833 80 Series

Door King Telephone Entry System 1833 80 Series

Best Suited for Applications That Do Not Require a Directory, or Where a Separate Directory Already Exist

  • Provides both resident and visitor access control into and within apartment buildings, gated communities, condominiums, office buildings, factories and industrial sites
  • Visitors use the phone system to communicate with a resident who can grant or deny access via their own touch-tone telephone
  • Resident access control is provided by means of cards, digital PIN codes, or wireless transmitters
  • Program from the DKS Cloud (requires DKS connection service subscription) with your laptop or tablet or from your dedicated PC using the Remote Account Manager software (free download at doorking. com/software).
  • Voice and data (programming) connection over either Cellular, Ethernet, or copper POTS lines
  • 2 year limited factory warranty

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