Door King Telephone Intecom 1812 Series

Door King Telephone Intecom 1812 Series

Computer Programmable for Larger Residences and Estates

  • Control two (2) Doors or gates via touch tone telephone after voice communication is established.
  • Distinctive double ring identifies visitor calls.
  • Call waiting.
  • Call forwarding.
  • “Do not disturb” time zone.
  • Hold open time zones.
  • Built in time clock.
  • Entry code time zones.
  • Led lighted faceplate.
  • Answer machine by pass feature.
  • Intercom mode for use with pbx and KSU phone systems.
  • Hands free, full duplex audio circuit.
  • Connects directly to your existing phone line. No additional expense for a separate telephone line to the entry system.

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