Proper Installation Of Automatic Gates

Upgrading your driveway or entranceway to an automatic gate, you add convenience, comfort, and security to your property. Deter intruders. Add security. Ensure no one’s entering onto your property without permission.

Gate automation means no more getting out of your car to open the gate. Instead, it’s as simple as the push of a button on your remote. Your heavy gate can be made to open with you still sitting in your vehicle.

Installing an automatic gate, however, requires careful and precise positioning. While there are different automatic gate brands, when it comes to the installation, there are usually some commonalities between them.

In this article, we examine how to do a proper installation of automatic gates, as explained by the experts in automatic gate upgrades.

Make Sure Your Electric Gate Is Working

Before you upgrade or install automatic gate technology, it’s key to make sure your gate is opening and closing correctly. An automatic gate system is only going to work as well as the gate it’s designed to assist.

Prepare The Driveway Gate Accordingly

If your gate is not working properly, schedule an electric gate maintenance or electric gate repair call to have it looked at by a gate technician. They will ensure the gate can move freely and evenly on its hinges, eliminate obstructions, confirm the gate is level, and that there is no risk of future damage due to unnecessary stress placed on specific components.

Unbox Your Automatic Gate Supplies And Ensure Everything’s There

To install an automatic gate, it will require mounting brackets, clamps, bolts, screws, a controller box, and a gate opener arm. Check to make sure that everything is there.

You can also test your actuator arm before installing it but plugging it into the controller box and then connecting it to the power source. An automatic gate installer will come having already done all this, and be able to confirm the quality of the materials and components being used.

Installing The Gate Post Brackets

An automatic gate opener typically has post brackets for the mechanism to attach to. These brackets are installed at level with the post.

In some cases, the gate may need to be removed to install the brackets. Use a pencil to mark where the opener will be installed. As you would with mounting anything, pre-drill holes to mount the brackets. Ensure the brackets are secure before moving on to the next installation step.

Mount The Gate’s Opener Arm

Next, attach the opener arm to the post bracket. The mouth of the arm is designed to hold the gate securely. In some designs, it bolts on. Then, attach this to the gate bracket with the gate in a closed position. Everything should be level with the gate, and ensure the brackets and clamps are tightly attached to the gate.

Installing The Automatic Gate Electronics

Lastly, for an automatic gate, one must ensure the electronics are installed, connected, and functioning as intended. This is often referred to as the controller box. It may require additional brackets if it’s designed to clamp directly to the post.

Proper Installation Of Automatic Gates Install Electrical Components

Connect The Power Supply To The Controller Box

Also, be aware of the type of power source needed. If you decide to use a battery, extension cord, solar panel, or other means of powering your automatic gate, ensure it is properly installed.

Ensure Power Is Being Received

The arm to the controller box must be wired properly. Any battery box or solar panel power supply will need to be attached to the gate in the same way of the controller box. Make sure that your controller box is receiving power.

Adjust The Automatic Gate Settings To Suit Your Gate

As an automatic gate installer tests and verifies everything is working as it should, your automatic gate settings will have to be calibrated to your gate’s open/close limits. At this time, additional features such as a timer may be activated and tested as well.

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Automatic Gate Styles You Can Add To Your Property

There are various types of automatic gate styles that you may opt to use for your driveway. Each suits a different need and aesthetic.

  • A sliding gate slides to the left or right and operates on rollers.
  • A cantilever gate opens to the left or right as well except instead of using rollers and wheels, they’re built on a rail.
  • A bi-folding gate opens from the middle and the two sides fold in like an accordion, ideal for gates working with minimal space.
  • A swing gate uses a door on hinges and opens to 110-140 degrees from a closed position.
  • A vertical lift gate opens vertically, typically on rails that lift the gate straight up or with an arm that swings the gate up.
  • A vertical pivot gate pivots the gate upward from the bottom corner, typically as a way to save space.

Types Of Automatic Gate Features That You Can Add

There are also many automatic gate features that, if they are incorporated into your automatic gate upgrade installation, will understandably add more time and steps to the job.

Some Access Control Features

  • A remote gate opener will allow you to open and close your gate from a distance.
  • A solar panel can reduce costs and self-power the gate.
  • A timer can make it so that the gate opens and closes on a defined schedule.
  • A safety reverse ensures your gate is stopped from closing if it makes contact with something or if there’s an obstruction detected.
  • A heat sensor can be included to send an alter to you if the gate’s components are overheating.
Electric Gate Component Add Ons Proper Installation

Why You Should Hire A Professional To Install Your Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are complex to install. If a homeowner or property owner attempts the proper installation of an automatic gate system and something becomes damaged or it’s not installed correctly, irreparable damage could be caused, warranties could be avoided, and it could prove a costly fix.

The mechanisms involved and how a gate is designed to open is something that should be examined by a professional. If you have a sliding or vertical pivot lift gate, these are more complicated to make automatic than a swing gate.

That said, even a swing gate should use a professional to ensure that it is safe and functional.

A professional gate installer will do all the work for you and ensure the installation is done smoothly and that everything is working as intended. If there are problems with alignments, connections, or the materials, an automatic gate installer can resolve it.

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