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Four Common Reasons for Electronic Gate Repairs

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Electronic gate repairs are an eventual, unavoidable task, no matter the quality of installation. Repairs are necessary to maintain the consistent security you experienced upon the day of installation. Reasons range from unforeseen events that cause damage, to everyday wear and tear. Repairs range from low to high cost, and depending on the catalyst, different services might be in order to prevent something from happening again. Here are four common reasons to fix your gates, along with ways to prevent problems and/or fix them.

Hostile Weather Conditions

The California area is above all, beautiful. Still, Mother Nature is a bit finicky, and occasionally throws a tantrum of sorts. Storms will disrupt gate automation if wires are damaged by invading water, or if high winds jostle the foundations. With the deadly barrage of fires all over Los Angeles, the risk of a damaged gate is even higher. Thankfully your automated gate company knows how to enact emergency automated gate repairs when this occurs, and in an affordable way.

Unresponsive Gates

Another common scenario for gate repairs is when you arrive home after a long day at work, click your fob, and nothing happens. You think to yourself, “I just replaced the batteries.” You try clicking a few more times, and finally, you’re allowed entry. Given the longevity of electronic gates, this is bound to happen to a handful of models and installations. The problem with an unresponsive gate is that determining the root cause can be difficult. In these situations it’s best to consult a gate repair specialist; otherwise, you might be grasping at straws trying to figure out what broke your streak of reliable home protection.

Reckless Drivers

Welcome to Orange County. The excitement never ends, and sometimes accidents happen. You’ve seen the viral videos and heard the stories. Vehicle damage can even occur if your gate is too slow or unresponsive to an incoming family member or employee. Damage happens. InteleGates can work with your insurance company to determine the best course of action when it comes to vehicular gate maintenance and repair. If the damage is too high, we offer an industry-low rate for automated gate services, which includes installation.

Attempted Break-Ins

When it comes to quality automated gates, most theft attempts result in exterior damage on the home front. For businesses, the attempts can often be more outlandish than a crowbar or handsaw. Repairs will be implemented whatever the case, along with extra safety measures to make you feel secure again.

The reason for the damage does matter. This is not something you should ignore unless you’re looking to replace your electronic gates on a regular basis. The right services can address these repairs. In addition, your repair specialist can fill you in on the details if you’re unsure about the cause. At InteleGates, we have seen almost every worst-case scenario. These events can be stressful. Thankfully our repair manual consists of past experiences.

InteleGates employees arrive equipped to help with electronic gate repairs and prevention tactics, no matter if the problems are hostile weather, gates that ignore commands, or would-be thieves and bad drivers. Give our website a visit, and let our experience speak for itself. If you discover there’s a problem with your electronic gates that needs repairing, don’t hesitate.

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