Remote Control And Intercom Systems For Automatic Gates

For automatic gates, an intercom system plays a key role in maximizing functionality and being able to open the gate remotely.

An intercom for an electric gate is most often thought of as a way to communicate with guests but they can also be connected to the controller board. If you calibrate your intercom system in this way, it acts like a remote control. You can use the intercom system to open the gate and close it.

In this guide, we take a look at how intercom systems work for automatic gates and how remote controls can be incorporated.

What Is A Gate Intercom System?

A gate intercom is a property access system that allows those from inside the property to communicate with visitors and those on the outside, opening the security gate for the authorized and denying entry to the unauthorized if needed.

A gate intercom’s components can be split into two parts. There is the base station installed at the gate. The base station is used to call tenants and request property access from those outside the gate. You also have substations that are used to answer calls and open gates remotely. These substations are hardware-installed or can be arranged through a device such as a property owner’s smartphone.

A gate intercom system is also linked with the gate unlocking mechanism that opens the gate and returns it close.

Gate Intercom System For Electric Gates

Why Intercom Systems For A Gate Make Sense

Any visitor or guest at your property will have their first experience with it at your front gate. The intercom system you install is going to impact that interaction and ease-of-use getting in or out, for them and for you.

Intercom systems are vital to the overall functionality of your automatic gates as well. They add security, convenience, and enjoyability. Whether it’s just you that’s going to be using your intercom system or you’re aware of staff, residents, guests, and others that may have to use it on a routine basis, the advantages are countless.

Benefits Of Remote Control And Intercom Systems For Automatic Gates

Every automatic gate intercom system will have its own pros for you to consider if you’re doing a side-by-side comparison.

The presence of an intercom system – any, for that matter – has several key benefits for electric gate owners.

  • Provide the means of allowing others to remotely unlock the gate for guests and visitors without you having to approve/deny every entry.
  • Reduce traffic at your gated entrance, making it an easier, faster, and more enjoyable experience getting cars in.
  • Maximize security and monitoring by automatically tracking when deliveries are done to a gated property.
  • Save time for staff in having to manually go unlock the gate for guests and visitors.

When you buy and install an intercom system for a gate, it’s no compromise in safety nor a security risk. All you’re doing is adding functionality.

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Types Of Intercom System For Automatic Gates

There are lots of different types of intercom systems for gates, from those that are wired to wireless, audio-only, video-only, and other features that can be customized according to how you like. There are also long-range wireless gate intercoms that can transmit signal over extended distances of kilometers. There are smartphone-compatible electric gate intercom systems that have no limitations and wherein you can operate them from anywhere in the world.

  • Video camera intercoms can be programmed with tablets, PC, smartphone, and wired video monitors.
  • WiFi intercoms require a WiFi internet connection and functions like a telephone-like communication.
  • A basic two-way radio intercom has the longest wireless range of most intercoms and is similar to walkie-talkie communications.
  • Cell phone network intercom systems can be set up with your mobile cell service at the gate.
  • A digital intercom allows for secure conversations and can be used in long-range when line of sight is an issue.

A wired intercom uses a wire between the gate and an inside monitor, and can be mounted on the wall or desk for easy communication and use.

What Features Of A Gate Intercom System Are Important To You

It’s not uncommon to come looking for specific intercom system features when buying an intercom.

A wireless gate entry system is the biggest advantage that most gate owners look for. Wireless means there’s no installing unsightly wires on your property. No expensive wiring and in-unit hardware that makes installation more expensive and difficult. A wireless system requires electricity to work, an Internet connection, and a gate lock.

To this point, a wireless intercom does not mean you can’t have wired Internet. A lot of people do. Many electric automatic gate experts, in fact, recommend it. A wired Internet connection means no one can hack a password. They’re more reliable and secure.

A lot of modern intercom systems are built with smartphone access control. This allows the gate owner to chat with who’s at the gate remotely through their smartphone as well as control its access in the same way. This does several things. You reduce wait times to enter the property because you probably already have your cell phone on you and you completely circumvent the traditional entry process. With smartphone access control, you never miss a visitor. You also demonstrably simplify automatic gate property access for service providers, couriers, and others, when you have a streamlined way to control your gate.

A lot of gate owners are more comfortable with video functionality in their intercom systems. An intercom with a camera empowers anyone using the intercom to see who is at the gate and confirm a visual before granting access. There’s a certain peace of mind to that, especially if you know you’re going to be receiving lots of guests or have multiple regular users coming through your automatic gates. A lot of video cameras, though not all, will also time-stamp and date-stamp the image when someone enters the property. This allows you to review the footage if there is a security breach or if something goes wrong.

What Intercom System Is Right For My Gate

The optimal intercom system that works for a private property may not be what you pick for a multi-tenant building, a gated community, or a manufacturing facility. Speak to an expert in automatic gate intercom systems and remote control at InteleGates. If you need repairs or maintenance done to your intercom systems for a gate, we can help manage and resolve any issues, and ensure your gate, remote gate opener, and intercom systems are functioning as they should. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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