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Residential Gates for Large Families

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One of the best ways of protecting your home and family is with a residential gate. These modern, reliable, and convenient builds ensure that large families are comfortably secure. However, home security shouldn’t attract attention or disrupt everyday comings and goings for your household’s various members. Therefore, consider these must-know points if you are in charge of your family home’s financial and physical safety.

User-Friendly Residential Gates

The usefulness of a gate system depends on its opening and closing mechanics. Therefore, entry and exit spots are central to gate design. Realistically, if such a system isn’t user-friendly, then it’s a failure on many levels.

An automated gate should feature modern access controls like intercom keypads and phone app software (for remote use). Large families are made up of various age ranges, which means home gates should be user-friendly for both children and older adults. Optimal security will remain intact alongside convenience if you choose an experienced provider like InteleGates.

We specialize in modern tech, including motion sensors to prevent gates from closing too soon when around vehicles, people, and pets. Keypads, fobs, and phone controls are attuned to each gate sensor while still blending aesthetically with surrounding residential gate designs.

Modern Gate Styles

In urban settings, residential gates should fit their placement, whether conforming to more landscape-driven architecture or common foundations. Your family might prefer a certain visual or operational style to fit with your block’s decor or to echo a past home. Thankfully there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Slide gates run easy on a directional track to allow quick entry, while swing gates operate on hinges in a classic style. Both of these work well for the family that’s on the go. You’ll never be late for school or work with these styles. Families that only travel on occasion might consider overhead gates that lift the same as garage doors with a pleasing 90-degree curve.

Family-Owned for Family Safety

Thanks to 20 years of experience, Southern California customers have access to several top brands through InteleGates. Our residential gates installation is accompanied by reputable names like FAAC, Miracle One, and DKS Doorking. We are certified in maintenance and repair for every brand we feature, too. A large family should have options. Talk to us and we’ll see what we can do if your preferred brand isn’t listed on our site.

It doesn’t matter which brand you choose—we understand the importance of keeping family safe, financially and physically. InteleGates is a family-owned and operated business. We are on standby to offer ideal gate safety in an affordable yet professional package via a team of technical specialists. We listen carefully to our customers and stay atop the best trends and value. Consult our ready experts now for an estimate on your chosen style. If you’re not sure which to choose, we can help with that as well.

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